Magyar Hírmondó is the first newspaper to be published in the Hungarian language in Pressburg, Kingdom of Hungary (present-day Bratislava, Slovakia).[1] The first issue appeared on 1 January 1780.[1] Its founders were Mátyás Rát, a Lutheran pastor and Ferenc Ágoston Patzkó, a publisher from Pressburg.[1] The latter was also the publisher.[2][3][4][5] The paper was published in octavo format (a single column on half a printed sheet) twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.[1] Mátyás Rát was the editor of the paper from its foundation in 1780 to 1782.[1] Magyar Hírmondó folded in 1788.[1]

Magyar Hírmondó
PublisherFerenc Ágoston Patzkó
EditorMátyás Rát
Founded1 January 1780
Ceased publication1788
HeadquartersPressburg, Kingdom of Hungary


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