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Magnes (son of Argos)

In Greek mythology, Magnes[pronunciation?] (/ˈmæɡˌniːz/; Ancient Greek: Μάγνης) was a son of Argos (son of Phrixus) and Perimele (daughter of Admetus).[1] He lived in the region of Thessaly, in the land which men called after him Magnesia.[2] Magnes had a son of remarkable beauty, Hymenaios by the muse Calliope.[3] According to Tzetzes, Linus was also a son of Magnes by another Muse Clio.[4]


When the god Apollo saw the boy Hymenaeus, he was seized with love for him and would not leave the house of Magnes. Because of this, Hermes plotted to get the herd of the cattle belonging to Apollo that were pastured in the same place as the cattle of Admetus.[2][5]