Magnanimous Records

Magnanimous Records is an independent record label based in Takoma Park, Maryland. Founded in 2000, the artist-run label specializes in atmospheric and experimental music.

Magnanimous Records
Magnanimous Records logo.png
Founded2000 (2000)
FounderCurt Seiss
Daniele Seiss
GenreAtmospheric, experimental, ambient
Country of originU.S.
LocationTakoma Park, Maryland


Magnanimous Records was founded in Shepherdstown, West Virginia in 2001 by Curt Seiss and Daniele Seiss. The label was formed to provide a platform for local musicians specializing in modern atmospheric music, as most local venues catered primarily to Appalachian and bluegrass musicians.[1] The label soon signed around a dozen ambient and atmospheric musicians,[1] and later moved to Takoma Park, Maryland.

The label's first compilation in 2004 received a glowing review from Left off the Dial, which wrote "While indie-pop culture appropriates the IDM underground to make frequently saccharine sing-alongs, it is good to know that young, talented musicians continue to produce intelligent, experimental electronic sounds. Fans...will appreciate the drifting tones and haunted quality of the Magnanimous artists."[2]


  • moljebka pvlse
  • Paradigm9
  • Aaron Lennox
  • Brain Ballet
  • Skinny
  • Mode7
  • Polyphasic
  • Michael Winter
  • LIGO
  • Element Kuuda
  • ophibre
  • Lykaion Eclipse
  • Mandible Chatter
  • Ourson
  • David Tagg[3]


No. Artist Title Year
MAG001 paradigm9 The Halo Effect 2003
MAG003 Various M1: A Magnanimous Compilation 2004
MAG004 Seiss Drone Lender 2003
MAG006 paradigm9 Flaming Guns of the Purple Sage soundtrack 2004
MAG007 paradigm9 Live at the Lost Dog 2004
MAG008 Brain Ballet Aquarium of the Deep Sea 2004
MAG009 Mode7 Night Echoes 2004
MAG010 Aaron Lennox Sibilance 2005
MAG011 Various M2: Reconstructions 2005
MAG012 Polyphasic Petit Somme 2005
MAG013 MAO II Klee 2007
MAG014 Aaron Lennox Heliopause03 2007
MAG015 Polyphasic See Plan 2007
MAG016 Element Kuuda Le Village 2007
MAG017 Lykaion Eclipse Mesa 2007
MAG018 David Tagg Cold Spring Harbor 2009
MAG019 Ophibre Mesmer 2008
MAG020 Ourson Oth 2008
MAG021 Mandible Chatter Grace 2008
MAG022 Michael Winter Recursive Stall 2009
MAG023 Polyphasic Multiphasic
MAG024 Polyphasic The Map is Not the Territory
MAG025 Moljebka Pvlse Kaikv 2011
Source: (updated July 31, 2013)

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