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Magellan Aerospace Corporation is a Canadian manufacturer of aerospace systems and components. Magellan also repairs and overhauls, tests, and provides aftermarket support services for engines, and engine structural components. The company's business units are divided into the product areas of aeroengines, aerostructures, rockets and space, and specialty products. Its corporate offices in Mississauga, Ontario, Magellan operates in facilities throughout Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Magellan Aerospace Corporation
Founded1996; 25 years ago (1996)
Key people
N. Murray Edwards
Phillip Underwood
(President & CEO)
RevenueC$843 million (2014)[2]
C$56.6 million (2014)[2]
Number of employees
SubsidiariesBristol Aerospace

Magellan is a component supplier for the Airbus A380, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, and Bombardier's complete line of business and commuter aircraft. Magellan also supplies gas turbine components for airplanes, helicopters, and military vehicles such as the M1 Abrams.


Magellan was formed in 1996 from the remains of Fleet Industries, a subsidiary of the US-based Fleet Aerospace located in Fort Erie, Ontario. They produced products and services for the Canadian military, as well as subassemblies for aviation companies.

Through the 1990s Magellan expanded, buying a number of Canadian aviation companies. These included:

Several US companies were also added, including Aeronca (formerly part of the US-based portions of Fleet), AMBEL Precision Manufacturing, Ellanef Manufacturing, Middleton Aerospace and Presto Casting Company. They also purchased the assets of Mayflower Aerospace in England, becoming Magellan Aerospace UK in 2003. The Fleet Aerospace division was closed in 2003, was sold, and later re-opened as Fleet Canada Inc. Magellan Aerospace is now an integrated, international company and all of its subsidiaries are wholly owned, operating under the Magellan name.


Magellan Aerospace also manufactures structures and assemblies for commercial and defence aircraft manufacturers:

  • General Electric - F101, F110, F404, F414, J79, J85, CF34, CF700, CJ610, LM2500, LM7000, CFE738, T64, CF6
  • Pratt & Whitney - PW100 Series, PW300 Series, PW500 Series, PW 200, PW4000, PT6, TF33, JT9D, JT15D
  • Rolls Royce - RTM322, RB211, T406, T800, RR Trent and RB211Industrial, AE 3007, F136
  • Honeywell - AS900, AGT1500 (used in the M-1 Abrams tank), ALF507, TF40/50, T53 (used in the UH-1 helicopter), T55, LF502
  • Volvo - RM12
  • A380 Inner Fixed Trailing Edge


  • Engine core manufacturing
  • Exhaust systems and flow paths
  • Engine and component repair and overhaul
  • Sand casting
  • Materials and engine testing
  • Composite structures and assemblies
  • Bonded engine and structure components
  • Machined components
  • Aircraft refurbishment
  • Engineering services (Detail Stress/Design of Aerostructures using CATIA/ MSc PATRAN/NASTRAN Classical Hand Calcs)
  • Rocket weapons systems
  • Rocketry fuel production
  • Suborbital rocket systems
  • Meteorological rocket systems
  • Space and satellite subsystems and components
  • Industrial power packages - OT3 engines
  • Wire strike protection for helicopters
  • Engine development testing services
  • Engine test facility maintenance support


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