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The Madjars or Madi-yar people are a Turkic ethnic group in Kazakhstan. They number about 1,000–2,000 and live mostly in the Kostanay Region.



Turkologist scholar Dr. Imre Baski claims that the ethnonym Madjar means 'faithful Muslim'.

"Madi-yar that proved to be a compound anthroponym (Madi[y]-yar) of Arabic-Persian origin. The paper also provides the explanation of the anthroponyms Aldi-yar (’Allah’s friend/follower’) and Ḫudi-yar (’God’s friend/follower’), the “relatives” of Madi(y)-yar (’Muhammad’s friend/follower’)".[1]

Genetic researchesEdit

Madjars have the highest recorded rate of Y-DNA Haplogroup G: a level of 86.7% (45 individuals).[2] This suggests that the Madjars are linked genetically to the neighbouring Argyn people of Kazakhstan, as well as various peoples of the Caucasus, and modern Iranians.

While the Madjars have sometimes been linked onomastically to the Magyars (Hungarians). Proponents of this view include supporters of "Hungarian Turanism", such as Zsolt András Biró. However, it is not supported by any strong material evidence. In fact, haplogroup G is rare in Hungary (at a rate around 3%) and has much higher rates in parts of Western and Southern Europe (e.g. Italy and France). Southern German populations also have a higher rate of Haplogroup G than the Hungarian population.[3]


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