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Madhuban is a small area of Jorhat City and is under Jorhat municipality Board, Assam, India.The only road passed through Madhubon is the Madhuban Path. It connects two important roads of Jorhat; Malow Ali and Choladhara road. Madhuban is about 1.5 km far from the ASTC Bus Station, Jorhat and Jorhat Court. The people of Madhubon are Assamese Hindu and are well cultured. They are all permanent residence of the place except a very few family which are on rent. One third of the families of Madhuban are from the same parentage and their surname is Dutta.

Famous TempleEdit

Shitalanatha TempleEdit

Shitalanatha Temple

This temple is dedicated to Shitalanatha, tenth tirthankar of Jainism.

Padmaprabha TempleEdit

Padmaprabha Temple

This temple is dedicated to Padmaprabha, sixth tirthankar of Jainism. Moolnayak of this temple is a black colored idol of Padmaprabha

Brahma KumarisEdit

Madhuban can also refer to the Brahma Kumaris ashram in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Nestled in the cool heights of the Araveli mountains in Rajasthan is the hill station of Mount Abu, the home of the international headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris, called 'Madhuban' (meaning forest of honey).