Madera station (Medellín)

Madera is the third station of the Medellín Metro from north to south on line A. It is located in the northernmost part of the municipality of Medellín, close to the natural boundary with Bello and is an access point to the southern suburbs of Bello. The station is named for the creek that forms a natural boundary between the cities of Medellín and Bello: La Madera Creek.[1] The station was opened on 30 November 1995 as part of the inaugural section of line A, from Niquía to Poblado.[2]

Madera Station

Estación Madera
Estación Madera Metro de Medellín.jpg
Estación Madera Metro de Medellín
LocationCarrera 49 # 25B - 20., Medellín
Coordinates6°18′57″N 75°33′19.5″W / 6.31583°N 75.555417°W / 6.31583; -75.555417Coordinates: 6°18′57″N 75°33′19.5″W / 6.31583°N 75.555417°W / 6.31583; -75.555417
Preceding station   Medellín Metro   Following station
toward Niquía
Line A
toward La Estrella


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