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Madden NFL '95 is a football video game. It features John Madden on the cover. It was released as Madden '95 on the Game Boy.

Madden NFL '95
Madden NFL '95 Coverart.png
European Sega Mega Drive cover art
Developer(s) Visual Concepts (SNES)
Halestorm (GB)
High Score Productions (GEN)
Tiertex (GG)
Series Madden NFL
Platform(s) Game Boy, Game Gear, Genesis, Super NES
Release Super NES
  • NA: November 1994
  • EU: 1994
Game Boy
  • NA: November 1994
  • EU: 1994
Game Gear
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer



The Genesis version of Madden NFL '95 was the first Madden game to have both the NFL team logo and NFLPA licenses. This version of Madden NFL was also the first Madden to showcase no passing windows, though passing windows can be retained using the options menu.[1] Previously included "Past Championship Teams" and "All-Franchise" teams are not included. Player stats are tracked individually both in-game, and throughout a season.[1] The cover has John Madden on it, but it also features two actual NFL players, Dallas Cowboys left tackle Erik Williams and San Francisco defensive lineman Karl Wilson who has his number edited to show the fictional number 70 which was not used on the 49ers roster.

It was released on the Game Boy, Game Gear, Genesis and Super NES.

The game features the theme song from the NFL on Fox.


The two sports reviewers of Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the Super NES version scores of 85% and 90%, citing the improved animations and sounds from previous Madden games and the new rules and plays.[1] GamePro gave the Super NES version a positive review, expressing approval for both the game's many new features (particularly the ability to substitute players in any position) and the retention of the same user-friendly mechanics as previous Madden games.[2] Reviewing the Genesis version, they noted that "unlike its SNES counterpart, Madden '95 on the Genesis doesn't always generate high-scoring games."[emphasis in original][3] They commented that the Game Boy version, while having unavoidable portable limitations such as tiny, unrecognizable sprites and mediocre sound effects, has a surprising strong selection of teams and stats and well-designed gameplay. They concluded "While football on handhelds will probably never take off, this one's still a worthy effort.[4] A different GamePro reviewer similarly praised the Game Gear version as a worthy handheld effort which retains most of the options, teams, and plays of the home versions. However, he concluded that despite being "the best football game available for the Game Gear", it is not a worthwhile purchase due to the tiny, squint-inducing graphics and lack of multiplayer.[5] In 2012, Madden NFL '95 was listed on Time's All-TIME 100 greatest video games list.[6]


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