Madana Kama Rajan

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Madana Kama Rajan (pronounced [madana kaːma ɾaːdʑan]) is a 1941 Tamil-language adventure film directed by B. N . Rao and produced by S. S. Vasan. It was the first film for Vasan as producer for Dindugal Amirtham Talkies.[1][2][3]

Madana Kama Rajan
Madana Kama Rajan.jpg
Directed byB. N. Rao
Produced byK. S. Gopalakrishnan
Written byB. S. Ramiah
StarringK. L. V. Vasantha
V. V. Satagopan
Music byParthasarathy
Rajeswara Rao
CinematographyAdi M. Irani
Edited byJ. L. Sircar
Gemini Studios,
Amirtham Talkies
Distributed byGemini Studios
Release date
  • 28 November 1941 (28 November 1941)
Running time
198 min. (17,907 feet)


Madana Kama Rajan is tale of the adventures of a prince (V. V. Sadagopan) and his friend (N. Krishnamurthi).


Cast according to the opening credits of the film


The film was released on 28 November 1941 and was a commercial success. Gemini Studios went on to become a major player in the Tamil film industry.[1] The Indian Express wrote, "The music in the film is essentially Carnatic and the humour is clean and intelligent, two very welcome reforms in the world of Tamil films."[4]


Partial list of songs in Madana Kama Rajan:

  • "Prema Premanee Illamal" – V. V. Sadagopan
  • "Ennai Therri Thoodhu Sella" – K. L. V. Vasantha
  • "Ambaa Un Paatham" – M. V. Rajamma
  • "Kai Koduppen Amma" – M. V. Rajamma


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