Mad at the Moon

Mad at the Moon is a 1992 American Western horror film written and directed by Martin Donovan. It stars Mary Stuart Masterson, Hart Bochner, and Fionnula Flanagan. The film centers on a young woman who is married off to the half-brother of the man she loves. As strange deaths begin to occur, it becomes increasingly apparent that the man she married keeps a dark secret that may threaten the safety of everyone around her.

Mad at the Moon
Mad at the Moon FilmPoster.jpeg
DVD cover
Directed byMartin Donovan
Written byMartin Donovan
Richard Pelusi
Produced byMatt Devlen
Cassian Elwes
Michael Kastenbaum
StarringMary Stuart Masterson
Hart Bochner
Fionnula Flanagan
Stephen Blake
CinematographyRohn Schmidt
Edited byPenelope Shaw
Music byGerald Gouriet
Distributed byRepublic Pictures Home Video
Release date
May 1992
Running time
98 minutes
CountryUnited States


In 1892, Jenny Hill (Masterson) is infatuated with James Miller (Blake) the local outlaw. However, her mother (Flanagan) strongly disapproves and marries her off to Miller’s half-brother, Miller Brown (Bochner). Miller Brown loves Jenny but his love is not reciprocated. Eventually, Jenny discovers Brown’s hidden secret of being a werewolf.



Critical responseEdit

Mad at the Moon received mixed to negative reviews from critics upon its release. Derek Elley from Variety wrote a particularly scathing review, stating, "A bad attack of miscasting and some klutzy development take[s] the shine out of Mad at the Moon... Slimly plotted item may attract the midnight crowd at specialized outings but is unlikely to raise much of a howl with mainstream audiences."[1]

TV Guide awarded the film a mixed two out of five stars, commending the film's ambiance, and cinematography; while criticizing the film's underdeveloped plot, minimal character development, and abrupt ending.[2] Fred Beldin from Allmovie gave the film a more positive review, commending the film's cast, cinematography, and soundtrack, writing "While horror and Western fans won't have much patience with this deliberately paced romantic drama, Mad at the Moon is a unique meld of genre influences that succeeds on its own terms."[3]


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