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Ma Xizhen (馬希珍, Xiao'erjing: ﻣَﺎ ثِ جٌ‎) was a Chinese Hui Muslim General, born in Bahuzhuang village (八戶庄村) in Guanghe County, Gansu province. He joined the Ninghai Army in Qinghai and became part of its Fifth Cavalry Army. He then became the commander of the third cavalry regiment of the first division. Ma fought against Soviet and Mongol forces in the Pei-ta-shan Incident.[1] Under his command served the Salar Muslim General Han Youwen who led the First Cavalry Division.[2]

Ma Xizhen, 馬希珍
AllegianceFlag of the Republic of China Republic of China
Battles/warsIli Rebellion, Pei-ta-shan Incident


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