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MSU Graduate School of Business Administration

Graduate School of Business Administration (Russian: Высшая Школа Бизнеса МГУ им. Ломоносова), also known as Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School, founded in 1989 in Moscow State University is one GSBA Business School Moscow of the oldest business schools in Russia. Graduate School of Business Administration offers Bachelor of Management, Master in International Business, MBA, Executive MBA Programmes and Doctoral Programme (PhD). Having strong connections with Russian business world, Lomonosov MSU BS also offers tailor-made corporate programmes. Lomonosov MSU BS was ranked #1 in Russia according to the surveys held by the leading business magazine "Secret Firmy" in 2007, 2008 and 2010.[2]

Graduate School of Business Administration
Высшая Школа Бизнеса
DeanVihansky Oleg Samuilovich[1][circular reference]
119234, Moscow, Lenin's mountains, h. 1, building 52
LanguageEnglish, Russian


Faculty HistoryEdit

The Graduate School of Business has started its history in 1989, when one of the first business schools in Russia was opened at the Moscow State University - the School of Management of Moscow State University.[3] In 1995, the MSUBS has opened one of the first programs in Russia "Master of Business Administration (MBA)". In March 2001, the MSUBS was assigned to a separate structural unit of the Moscow University in accordance with the decision of the Academic Council of the Moscow State University. In the same year, the construction of the building of the Higher School of Business of Moscow State University, which was sponsored to the Moscow University by the Japanese organisation, was completed.[4] In 2015, a new master program was launched to train IT professionals in the field of management.[5] In 2016, existing program of international business and strategy has opened its doors for the new students from abroad.[6]

History of university
year events
1989 Grand opening of the first business school in Russia located in Moscow State University - the School of Management of Moscow State University.
1993 The School of Management of Moscow State University was transformed into the School of Business of Moscow State University.
1995 Opening in the School of Business of Moscow State University one of the first programs in Russia "Master of Business Administration" (MBA).
2001 The Business School of Moscow State University becomes the Faculty of Moscow State University and receives the name "Higher School of Business (Faculty) of Moscow State University". Grand opening of the programs "Master" in the field of "Management" and "Master of Business Administration" (MBA). Grand Opening of the building of the Higher School of Business of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov.
2003 Opening of the program "Bachelor" in the field of "Management" in the Moscow State University. Establishment of the Alumni Association of MSUBS University.
2004 Opening of the Graduate School of the MSUBS.

Opening of the program for high school students.[7]

2005 MSUBS in the list of 100 best business schools in the world and 40 of the best business schools in Europe by the results of the study,[8] conducted by the Great Britain agency.[9] The opening in MSUBS of the first in Russia MBA program of the production field "MBA-Production Systems".
2007 Opening of the Executive MBA program.[10]
2008 Opening joint with the European Business School (European Business School, Germany) the Russian-German program "MBA-Logistics". Launching of the short-term Executive Programs.
2009 MSUBS took the 2nd place in the rating "Best Business Schools Known at the International Level" by EDUNIVERSAL rating.
2010 MSUBS retains leadership in the ranking of the top 20 business schools in Russia and the 2nd place in the EDUNIVERSAL ranking in the category "Best Business Schools Known at the International Level".

The financial courses of the MSUBS are accredited by CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountans). Launch of the "double diploma" program together with the University of St. Petersburg. Andrews (UK).

2011 The "Bachelor" program at the MSUBS was accredited by the European Foundation for the Development of Management (EFMD) under the EPAS (European Program Accreditation System).
2011 According to the Eduniversal rating, MSUBS became the leader in the category of "Best Business Schools Known at the International Level" and ranked among the top three "best business schools in the Eastern Europe region".
2012 MSUBS has joined to the UN Global Compact initiative. Joining to this initiative makes MSUBS a part of the international community of like-minded people who work on the principles and methods of ethical business in different countries of the world.
2012 MSUBS has joined the CEEMAN Central and Eastern European Management Development Association.[11]
2012 The Eduniversal rating agency awarded the MSUBS the highest status of the "school with the highest international influence" (Universal Business Schools).
2013 The MBA program of the MSUBS took 1st place among MBA programs of business schools and universities of Eastern European countries in the Eduniversal rating.
2014 The program "Bachelor" of MSUBS was included in the list of 84 best educational business programs in the world, awarded with accreditation EPAS.
2015 The Master's program of the MSUBS has received international accreditation ABEST21.[12]

The opening, in the framework of the MSUBS Master program, the directions "Management of Information Technologies".

2016 Existing program of international business and strategy has started teaching on English.
2016 MSUBS entered again the Top 100 business schools in the world and Top 10 business schools in Eastern Europe and confirmed its status of the UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SCHOOL WITH STRONG GLOBAL INFLUENCE having received the EdUniversal “5 palmes” award.
2017 On February 13, 2017, by the decision of the accreditation committee of the European Association of Development of Management (EFMD), the international accreditation of the EPAS - the most authoritative European accreditation in the field of business education - which was awarded to the "Bachelor of Management" program at the Moscow State University University in 2011, was confirmed for the second time.

Education programEdit

Students are trained in the field of management.

Bachelor’s degreeEdit

The "Bachelor" program of the Higher School of Business of Moscow State University is a 4-year program of management education for graduates of secondary and special educational institutions. Classes are held during the day, the form of studying is full-time. Upon graduation, the graduates receive a State Diploma of Higher education with a Bachelor of Management degree. The Bachelor program includes a number of compulsory courses and elective courses, including such disciplines as: accounting, innovative management, marketing, international business, organizational behavior, management fundamentals, strategic management, HR management, financial management, organization theory, corporate social responsibility of business, etc.[13] All training has a practical focus. Teaching practitioners are actively involved in the educational process: representatives of large Russian business, managers of foreign companies, Heads of state structures, as well as foreign teachers. All students pass compulsory practice in companies. Beginning with the 3rd year, students study up to 70% of the subjects in English.[14]

Master's degreeEdit

The "Master" program is a two-year program of the second stage of higher education. The program is designed for graduates of universities with a bachelor's degree or a diploma of a specialist aimed at building a career or developing their own business and motivated for serious study. The MSc MSU has two areas of training: "International Business and Strategy" and.[15] The program "International Business and Strategy" is a unique program whose content fully meets the requirements of the professional standard "Information Technology Manager" (approved by the order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia No. 915 of October 13, 2014).[16]


The program is constructed in the form of thematic modules, within which the training courses are replaced by master classes, discussions, group discussions and company visits. The emphasis is on practical exercises that allow developing skills in analyzing real business situations, searching for and making managerial decisions. The format of the program requires students to be highly involved in the learning process, not only during the training modules, but also between them (preparing for modules and performing tasks on the topics discussed on the module).[17]


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