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MORE (application)

MORE is an outline processor application that was created for the Apple Macintosh in 1986 by software developer Dave Winer[1] and that was not ported to any other platforms. An earlier outliner, ThinkTank, was developed by Winer,[1] his brother Peter, and Doug Baron.[3] The outlines could be formatted with different layouts, colors, and shapes. Outline "nodes" could include pictures and graphics.

MORE 3.1 application icon
Developer(s) Dave Winer
Living Videotext[1]
Initial release 1986[1]
Operating system Classic Mac OS
Type Outliner
License Proprietary; later rereleased as freeware[2]

The company that made these products, Living Videotext, merged with Symantec in July 1987.[3][4] Around July 1999, with Symantec's permission, Mr. Winer released versions of the ThinkTank and MORE products on a Web site for free download.[2]


Functions in these outliners included:

  • Appending notes, comments, rough drafts of sentences and paragraphs under some topics
  • Assembling various low-level topics and creating a new topic to group them under
  • Deleting duplicate topics
  • Demoting a topic to become a subtopic under some other topic
  • Disassembling a grouping that does not work, parceling its subtopics out among various other topics
  • Dividing one topic into its component subtopics
  • Dragging to rearrange the order of topics
  • Making a hierarchical list of topics
  • Merging related topics
  • Promoting a subtopic to the level of a topic


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