Studies in Applied Mathematics

Studies in Applied Mathematics  
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DisciplineApplied Mathematics
Publication details
History1969 to present
1.525 (2009)
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4Stud. Appl. Math.
ISSN0022-2526 (print)
1467-9590 (web)

The journal Studies in Applied Mathematics is published by Wiley–Blackwell on behalf of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

It features scholarly articles on mathematical applications in allied fields, notably computer science, mechanics, astrophysics, geophysics, and high-energy physics. Its pedigree came from the MIT Journal of Mathematics and Physics which was founded by the MIT Mathematics Department in 1920. The Journal changed to its present name in 1969.

The journal was edited from 1969 by David Benney of the Department of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[1]

According to ISI Journal Citation Reports, in 2009 it ranked 34th among the 202 journals in the Applied Mathematics category.


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