MIT BBS (Chinese: 未名空间; pinyin: Wèimíng Kōngjiān; lit. 'Unnamed Space') was a Chinese-language bulletin board system website. The name "Weiming" may also refer to the Weiming Lake at Peking University campus.[citation needed]

History edit

The forum was founded in 1997 by Chinese students studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under[citation needed]

In 2002, the Chinese government blocked access to the entire domain.[1] Some have speculated that the main reason was to prevent domestic users from accessing the uncensored political discussions on this forum.[citation needed]

In 2004, to circumvent the block in place in China, a self-censored branch[2] was opened to facilitate access by users in China.

Currently[when?] there were about 300 topic groups. The website claimed[where?] that it had hundreds of thousands of registered users, most of whom were Overseas Chinese,[citation needed] and 51% of their internet traffic was generated from within the US.[3]

In July 2022, MIT BBS ceased operations.[4] Other similar websites such as,,, and emerged.

Administration edit

After moving out of, it was then managed by a company located in Beijing, China.[5] Under the current administrator walklooktalk, in the last several years it saw accelerated commercialization, with more prominent space reserved for advertisers, as well as the creation of a spin-off website devoted to personal advertisement.[6]

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