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MCL Cafeterias

MCL Cafeterias now known as MCL Restaurant & Bakery, is a chain of American cafeteria-style restaurants.



The company began with a single cafeteria in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1950, founded by Charles O. McGaughey and George Laughner. MCL is an abbreviation of their two names.[1] Today, the chain operates locations in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. It is a privately owned company, now exclusively owned by the McGaughey family. MCL was also known as "MediCare Lounge" due to it being a favorite hangout of the geriatric and mall walker crowd. In 2007, MCL Cafeterias changed their brand to "MCL Restaurant and Bakery," although no fundamental changes have been made in production.


MCL Cafeteria at the Kingsdale Shopping Center in Upper Arlington, Ohio

Restaurants are concentrated in Indiana but also present in Illinois and Ohio[2]

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