M.S. Sunil

Dr. M.S. Sunil (born c.1960) is an Indian Academician, Humanist and Philanthropist known for housing the homeless. She founded Dr. M.S. Sunil Foundation in December, 2016 in Pathanamthitta, with five trust members and six volunteers. Her works focuses to uplift the living conditions of impoverished families/ communities, her philanthropist and non- profit programmes aim to provide safe houses and healthy food to build a compassionate environment with enlightened mind on renewable energy and conservation of natural habitat by including every communities including Tribal and socially underprivileged with less or no inequality. She was acknowledged by the Government of India and was the recipient of many honours, including the Nari Shakti Puraskar- 2017 which is considered as the Government of India's highest civilian honour for women.

Dr. M.S. Sunil
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OccupationRetired Professor of Zoology
Known forPhilanthropist, Humanist, Environmentalist
Partner(s)P. Thomas
ChildrenPrince Sunil Thomas
Parent(s)M.M. Samuel and M.J. Sosamma

Even though, Dr. M.S. Sunil began her social service in a young age, she commenced her social service vastly after being a National Service Scheme Programme Officer in 2005 that focused on community service. Her perception about life changed when she was completing her Masters in Zoology from NSS Hindu College, Changanacherry where she undertook projects to help her friends and classmates financially and emotionally. Her memoirs about MPhil and PhD period include her compassion for the impoverished children whom she helped with food and clothing outside the campus of Department of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries at Shankhumugham, Thiruvananthupuram (Kerala University) where she conducted her research.

Dr. M.S. Sunil's social service include extension of help in education, shelter, clothing, food, empowerment etc. Her projects provide Scholarship for many students and became a benefactor to several underprivileged and homeless families. Projects like 'Home for Homeless': A dream project for Sustainable Communities- Building safe and affordable houses to the homeless, Grocery Distribution to achieve food, security and improved nutrition, Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, Tribal Development and multiple other programmes were initiated by Dr. M.S. Sunil and also provided 276 wheelchairs for the differently abled, encouraged the establishment of 20 libraries by distributing books in sub-jail, an orphanage and in rural places in Pathanamthitta district to encourage and empower the deprived. She also organised empowerment classes for women and children and motivated them with training programmes to entitle them and to become independent and self- dependent.


Dr. M.S Sunil come from Kerala. She was born as the first child among the five of Mr. M.M. Samuel and Mrs. M.J. Sosamma at Enathu. She was given an unusual name because her father had chosen a boy's name before he found out that he had a daughter. Her philanthropy began when she was still at school giving food to begging children.[1]

Dr. M.S. Sunil completed her schoolings from Governement UPS, Enathu and Marthoma Girls High School, Kottarakara, and Pre- Degree (HSS) from St. Gregories College, Kottarakara. She graduated Under-Graduation (B.Sc) in Zoology from NSS College, Pandalam, B.Ed from Mount Tabor Training College, Pathanapuram. She Mastered (M.Sc) Zoology from NSS Hindu College, Changanacherry, and done her MPhil and PhD in Aquatic Biology and Fisheries from Kerala University. she also took Private Secretary Course from Datamatics, Madras.

Dr. M.S. Sunil is a retired professor of Zoology, of Catholicate College Pathanamthitta (Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala), and she retired as the head of the Department of Zoology.[2] She is an expertise in the field of Zoology and worked as Post Graduate Lecturer in Navodaya Vidyalaya, Vechoochira and was a Zoology Lecturer in G.V. Raja Sports School, Trivandrum. She served as a Zoology Lecturer in Government Girls Vocational H.S.S, Parassala. Dr. M.S.Sunil had been associated as a teaching faculty in several Colleges including Government College, Madappally, Baselious College, Kottayam, Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta, Governement Arts and Science College, Elanthoor. In 1995, she joined Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta as Assisstant Professor of Zoology where she served as a National Service Scheme (NSS) programme officer of Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta for 14 years and two years as NSS District Coordinator of MG University. Her remarkable works in social service extended the recognition of the College and focused in students’ achievements. After retiring from Catholicate College as Head of the Department of Zoology in 2016, she assisted Government Arts and Science College as Head of the Department. As a Research Guide of Mahatma Gandhi University, Dr. M.S. Sunil assissted in producing two PhDs, three MPhils, Published five papers and undertaken two minor research projects of UGC (University Grand Commission).

In 2005 she was moved to action when she realised that one of her students taking a master's degree did not have a proper house.[3] She did not turn to an organisation but to herself. By gathering money and materials from friends and by herself, she organised a plan to construct a house.[4]

M.S. Sunil and her 2018 award

After analysing the background and poverty level, to improve the living condition of the society she dealt with several projects and helped about 48 families before registering Dr. M.S. Sunil Foundation in 2016. The projects undertaken by the Foundation can be categorised under three principle beliefs:

        • Basics like Shelter, food, clothing etc.
        • Conservation of Environment- Afforestation, Reuse and Recycle, Organising Awareness Programmes
        • Empowerment and Entitlement of women and children

Aim and Objectives of the FoundationEdit

The main purpose of the projects are to eradicate poverty (SDG I) and to create a peaceful habitat and to improve the living standards of the community and individual family. The Foundation organizes programmes to increase awareness on various topics including human right, discrimination, social and economic empowerment, living conditions etc. The Foundation do not restrict from helping people of various backgrounds- the organization tries to help people irrespective of religion, class, caste, creed etc. and include people with HIV, TB, cancer patients. Women and children are also selected, old aged people are helped by Dr. M.S. Sunil Foundation.

MISSION: The Foundation provides sustainable habitat and enhance the quality of life by improving the standard of living conditions focusing the deprived and downtrodden irrespective of caste, creed, religion or politics, including rural, urban and tribal people.

VISION: To eradicate poverty and discrimination by empowering the citizens with awareness about their rights and knowledge.

'Home for Homeless' is a dream project of Dr. M.S. Sunil Foundation which aims at constructing and Providing homes for the neediest people, especially windows with children, and Patients. Homes for the 'Poorest of the Poor' touched the figure of 200 by March 2021, and about 810 individuals were benefitted from it. The construction of the houses are jointly done by the Foundation and individuals with an affinity for social works who approaches the Foundation with aim for better community. The foundation also initiated projects for energy conservation, gives important for a healthy diet and education, Medical support, Empowerment and Entitlement, Tribal Development, Environmental Protection etc.

She was chosen to be one of three award winners from Kerala of the Nari Shakti Puraskar. The others were scientist Lizymol Philipose and temple artist Syamala Kumari.[5] The awards were made on International Women's Day in 2018 on behalf of the Ministry of Women and Child Development[6] by the President of India. The award is the highest award for women in India.[2] Dr. M.S. Sunil buys all the materials for the construction by herself and she also supervises the construction of each new house. The houses are made with minimum resources and are of affordable cost. The initiators consciously avoided pollutants and focused on ecological conservation while constructing houses. Including a kitchen and a toilet within the area of 650 sq ft, the houses consist of 7 ventilations for air circulation. The houses are built in 35 days and topped with a roof made from galvanised steel. By the time of her award she had built over eighty houses.[1]

In 2020 she went to meet Karthyayani Amma who was a 98 year old who had been also nominated for the Nari Shakti Puraskar. Amma had never flown before but she was reassured by Dr. M.S. Sunil days before she flew to Delhi.[7]

Awards and AchievementsEdit

Dr. M.S. Sunil held the position of NSS District Coordinator for two years, programme officer of Red Ribbon Club (2006-2016) and was the officer in charge of Boomithra Sena Club. Her presence was cardinal in District Nirbhaya Monitoring Committee and Anti- Ragging Committee; she mainly focused the deprived conditions of children and women to empower and improve their living conditions. Dr. M.S. Sunil served as the member of Director Broad of Lead Bank FLCC, appointed by the Reserve Bank of India and was a member in District Environment Impact Assessment Authority. She received the best NSS programme officer Award of Mahatma Gandhi University in 2006-07 and 2007-08 and was presented with the best NSS Programme Officer Award from the Government of Kerala, 2007-08. She was the recipient of Best Blood Donor Motivator Award 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014, 2015 and received Human Right Defender Award, 2016.

• Nari Shakthi Puraskar(2018) from the Hon. President of India • Holy Innocence award (2020) • Niswardha Puraskar by Radio Macfast (2020) • Life time achievement award (KCS) Chicago • Work of mercy award 2018- SYMS Beharin • Women achiever award 2018- The Hindu • Air india- Manorama best teacher award • Mahila rethnam award of human rights foundation • Seva keerthi purskaram – Janam TV • Mother Theresa award- Kalayapuram ashraya • Jeevakarunya purskaram- justice V.R. Krishnaiyyar foundation • Sthree Shakthi award 2018- News18 • Eastern Bhoomika Award 2018 • Dr. Kamala bhaskar Award • Human rights defender Award, 2016 • Best blood donar motivator Award, 2015 • Best blood donar motivator Award, 2014 • Best bhoomithra sena club State Award • Sath seva Puraskar of Lions club • Malayalappuzha gopalakrishnan pradhama Puraskar • Good Samaritan special Puraskar • Ambedkar fellowship 2010 • Paristhithi award 2010 • Jenaseva puraskar • Gandhibhavan award for best social worker • Vanitha samaj seva Puraskar • Best blood donar motivator Award, 2010 • Best blood donar motivator Award, 2009 • Desamithra special puraskaram 2009 • Best blood donar motivator Award, 2008 • Kera keralam project merit certificate • Best N.S.S. programme officer award of M.G. University 2006-2007 • Best N.S.S. programme officer award of M.G. University 2007-2008 • Best N.S.S. programme officer award of the State 2007-2008

Charges ExecutedEdit

• District Nirbhaya Monitoring Committee member • National Services Scheme Programme Officer • Red Ribbon Club Programme Officer • Bhoomitrasena club faculty in charge • Jagratha Samiti member • District tobacco monitoring committee member • District Anti Ragging committee member • NYK Advisory board member • District task force member • Lead Bank FLCC Director board member • Sub District slavery prevention vigilance cell Member • M.G. University N.S.S. advisory board member • M.G. University P.G. Board of studies member • M.G. University subject expert • Research guide of M.G. University • Planning Board ST working group member • Zoological Society executive committee member • District e-governance member. • Adalath sitting member in Legal District, Legal Service Authority. • Kendra Vidyalaya VMC member.


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