Mágica juventud (English title: Magic youth) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Emilio Larrosa for Televisa in 1992.[1]

Mágica juventud
Created byEmilio Larrosa
Written byVerónica Suárez
Alejandro Pohlenz
Directed byAntonio Serrano
Alfredo Gurrola
José Ángel García
StarringKate del Castillo
Héctor Soberón
Marisol Santacruz
Carmen Montejo
Sergio Sendel
Gabriela Platas
Opening themeMágica juventud by Lorena Tassinari
Country of originMexico
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes110
Executive producerEmilio Larrosa
Production locationsMexico City, Mexico
Running time41-44 minutes
Production companyTelevisa
Original release
NetworkCanal de las Estrellas
ReleaseNovember 30, 1992 (1992-11-30) –
April 30, 1993 (1993-04-30)

Kate del Castillo and Héctor Soberón starred as protagonists, while Sergio Sendel, Amairani and Marisol Santacruz starred as antagonists. Gabriela Platas starred as young antagonist. Raymundo Capetillo and Gilberto Román starred as adult antagonists. Carmen Montejo starred as stellar performance.



Miguel is a young man working in a zoo. He has a dark secret: a few years ago, he was part of a criminal gang, which was captured. Miguel went to jail, but far from being reformed after serving his sentence he has become aggressive and resentful against society.

One day assists the restaurant called "La Hamburguesa Mágica" very popular among young people served by Pepita, friendly old woman who is a friend of all. There he meets Fernanda, a cute young cheerful and kind, and both fall in love.

Miguel feels he has finally found the love that lacked and has every intention to change its attitude, but Fernanda begins to investigate his past and this causes Miguel rears its old self again and Fernanda away. However, you will realize how much he loves her and that is the only woman who has really interested him, and look to get back with her, but will have to fight the intrigues of Leonardo Grimaldi, a young man without morals or scruples looking stay with Fernanda.


  • Kate del Castillo as Fernanda Gutiérrez Mercedes
  • Héctor Soberón as Miguel Hernández Sarmiento
  • Marisol Santacruz as Patricia Grimaldi Retana
  • Carmen Montejo as Leonor Jiménez Vda. de Retana/Pepita
  • Sergio Sendel as Leonardo Grimaldi Retana
  • Amairani as Consuelo Gutiérrez
  • Gabriela Platas as Brenda del Conde Sierra
  • Raymundo Capetillo as Ernesto Grimaldi Ornelas
  • Gilberto Román as Gonzalo Zapata
  • Karen Sentíes as Laura Alonso Suárez
  • Carlos Cámara as Ezequiel Morales López
  • María Montejo as Carmen Mercedes de Gutiérrez
  • Roberto Sen as Eusebio Gutiérrez Maldonado
  • Manuel Saval as Javier Cuartas Toledo
  • Hilda Aguirre as Clara Aguirre Fernández
  • Tina Romero as Silvia Aguirre Fernández
  • Sussan Taunton as Claudia Roldán Martínez
  • Ramón Abascal as Gerardo Núñez García
  • Jorge Salinas as Héctor Rueda Montoya
  • Raúl Alberto as Alejandro Zapata Martín
  • Claudia Silva as Merlina Sán Miguel Sinisterra
  • Mauricio Islas as Alfredo Camacho Talavera
  • Vanessa Villela as Alicia Talamonti Cuadrado
  • Roberto Palazuelos as himself
  • Antonio Miguel as Don Cástulo
  • Raquel Morell as Eleonor Retana Jiménez
  • José Ángel García as Víctor
  • Radamés de Jesús as Carlos
  • Alejandra Morales as Yolanda
  • Óscar Vallejo as Chucho
  • Magaly as Odette
  • Raúl Magaña as Miguel
  • Roberto Ruy as Rosálio
  • Pedro Romo as Pedro
  • Pablo Ferrel as Pablo
  • Paco Ibáñez as Paco
  • Carlos Miguel as Ricardo
  • José Antonio Iturriaga as César
  • Adriana Lavat
  • Juan Carlos Casasola
  • Vilma Traca
  • Karla Ganem
  • Roberto Tello
  • Michelle Vieth


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