Lyckås is a manor house in Jönköping Municipality, Sweden.

Manor House at Lyckås
Lyckås Manor was built at the direction of Jakob Essen Hamilton


Lyckås was at the beginning of the 17th century part of the estate of Per Brahe the Younger and remained part of a larger estate until 1751. In that year it was sold to G. J. Horn af Rantzien. It has subsequently belonged to various Swedish aristocratic families. The current main building is a two-story Renaissance-style stone house, built in 1863 at the direction of Major General and Count Jakob Essen Hamilton (1797-1864) and Stefanie Fredrika Hamilton (1819-1894). [1][2]


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Coordinates: 57°52′48″N 14°20′56″E / 57.88000°N 14.34889°E / 57.88000; 14.34889