Lvivelectrotrans ( Lviv communal enterprise "Lvivelectrotrans" , LKP "Lvivelectrotrans" ) is a city monopolist in the field of electric transport of Lviv, a municipal enterprise owned by the Lviv community and is the operator of trams and trolleybuses in the city.


The head office is located in Lviv on Sakharov Street. Under the leadership of LCE "Lvivelectrotrans", there is one tramway, one trolleybus depot, a car repair workshop, a railroad service and a power network of the contact network. In March 2010 the company was ranked third in the rating of the best electric transport enterprises in Ukraine.

It is a loss-making enterprise, because the state authorities only compensate 60% of the cost of transportation of privileged categories of passengers. In order to remedy this situation, a composting system was introduced from 2008, which allowed a significant reduction in the number of personnel of the enterprise. All the conductors were released, instead the staff of controllers was recruited (40 people, which is several times less than the number of conductors). To reduce the number of "rabbits" - unpaid passengers - a large-scale advertising campaign is being conducted.


So, in November 2008, the advert of "Do not be the killer of Bandera" started, the main slogans of which were "Do not be like the killer of Stepan Bandera!" And "Betrayal of Ukraine begins with an unpaid travel!". The ideological basis was that the assassins of Stepan Bandera and Bohdan Stashinsky, had been recruited by the KGB for unpaid travel. Postcards describing this story and campaign slogans came to the home addresses of Lviv's citizens.

Between 2009 and 2010 a campaign was carried out of advertising "Lviv - the city of lions, not rabbits," in which No.1028 tram and trolley bus No.574 received a topical external design,which based Lions on being "courteous passengers who pay travel and rabbits hiding from the controllers".


There are projects on the basis of LvivElectroTrans Lviv Communal Service Lvivpastrans, which will also include the Lviv municipal auto-transport company No. 1 (ATP No.1), which will make it possible to coordinate the entire municipal transport of Lviv: trams, trolleybuses and buses from one center and will enable the introduction of a single ticket. There is also a project to close the tram depot number 1, on the territory of which there may be a market.


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