Lustre (musical project)

Lustre is the musical project of Henrik Sunding who goes under the pseudonym "Nachtzeit". Lustre began in 2008 after the dissolve of The Burning.[1] Prior to both, Sunding also used to be a drummer of the band Hypothermia.

OriginÖstersund Sweden
GenresAmbient black metal, ambient, electronic
Years active2008 – present
LabelsNordvis Produktion

Unlike most black metal artists, Lustre uses guitars and vocals as background instruments and instead uses keyboards and synths as the primary instrument. Lustre's lyrical themes include nature, darkness, mysticism, and spirituality.


Title Released
Serenity (EP) November 2008
Night Spirit May 2009
Neath The Black Veil (Demo) September 2009
Welcome Winter (EP) December 2009
A Glimpse of Glory September 2010
They Awoke To The Scent of Spring March 2012
Of Strength and Solace (EP) April 2012
Feigur / Lustre (Split with Feigur) October 2012
Lost In Lustrous Night Skies (Compilation) February 2013
Wonder September 2013
A Spark of Times Old (EP) September 2013
Vixerunt (Split with Aus der Transzendenz) November 2013
Through The Ocean To The Stars (Split with Elderwind) February 2014
Neath Rock and Stone (Single) April 2014
Phantom (EP) February 2015
Blossom April 2015
Still Innocence November 2017
The Ashes of Light April 2020


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