Lughat Al Arab

Lughat Al Arab (Arabic: The Language of the Arabs) was a monthly linguistic and history magazine which was published in Baghdad between 1911 and 1931 with a twelve-year interruption.

Lughat Al Arab
  • Linguistic magazine
  • History magazine
FounderAnastas Al Karmali
Final issue1931
Based inBaghdad

History and profileEdit

Lughat Al Arab was launched by the Carmelite Father Anastas Al Karmali in Baghdad in 1911.[1][2] It was published in Baghdad on a monthly basis.[1][3] The magazine featured articles on language, history and literature.[2] Al Karmali edited the magazine.[4] The last issue appeared in June 1914.[1] Al Karmali was sent to exile in Anatolia in 1916, and following his return to Baghdad Lughat Al Arab was restarted in 1926, but it permanently folded in 1931.[1] In this second period Kazim Al Dujayli and Iraqi linguist and historian Muhammad Bahjat Athari were among the contributors of Lughat Al Arab.[4][5]


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