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Lucius Nonius Calpurnius Torquatus Asprenas

Lucius Nonius Calpurnius Torquatus Asprenas (fl. 1st century – 2nd century AD) was a Roman senator who achieved the office of consul ordinarius twice, first under Domitian and later under Hadrian.


Torquatus Asprenas was the son of Lucius Nonius Calpurnius Torquatus Asprenas, who was a suffect consul between AD 72 and 74, and Arria. His sister was Calpurnia Arria (also referred to as Arria Calpurnia), who married Gaius Bellicus Natalis Tebanianus, suffect consul in 87.[1]

An Augur, he was elected consul in AD 94, with Titus Sextius Magius Lateranus as his colleague.[2] From 107 to 108, Torquatus Asprenas was appointed the Proconsular governor of Asia. He was appointed consul for a second time, in AD 128, when the consul designate Publius Metilus Nepos died before assuming office; Marcus Annius Libo was the colleague.[3]

An inscription recovered in Athens attests to the fact Asprenas had a daughter Torquata; she married Lucius Pomponius Bassus, consul in 118.[1]


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