Lucchini Engineering

A Lucchini SR2 at the 2005 1000km of Spa.

Lucchini Engineering is an Italian sports car constructor and racing team. Founded by Giorgio Lucchini in Porto Mantovano in 1980, the company has built a wide variety of open-cockpit prototypes for use in hillclimbs as well as Le Mans Prototypes for endurance racing. Besides racing their own cars, their chassis have been sold to various privateer teams over the years.

Lucchini has had some success over the years, including winning the FIA Sportscar Championship's team and constructor championships in the SR2-class two years in a row (2002 and 2003). They have also won various European, Italian, and French hillclimb championships.

Currently Lucchini sells the CN4 hillclimb car and the LMP2/08 LMP2-class prototype which runs in the Le Mans Series.

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