Lower East Side Printshop

Lower East Side Printshop, also known as L.E.S. Printshop (founded in 1968) is a nonprofit arts organization and printmaking studio located in New York City.[1] They offer studio space, artist residencies, classes, artwork for sale and printing editions services.[2] They work with approximately 160 artists per year, which makes this one of the largest printmaking shops in the country.[3]

Lower East Side Printshop
Lower East Side Printshop
Formation1968; 54 years ago (1968)
FounderEleanor Magid
TypeNon-profit arts organization
Coordinates40°45′19″N 73°59′34″W / 40.755285°N 73.992739°W / 40.755285; -73.992739Coordinates: 40°45′19″N 73°59′34″W / 40.755285°N 73.992739°W / 40.755285; -73.992739
Servicesprint editions service, classes, artist residencies, art studio space


It was founded in 1968, by Eleanor Magid during a New York City school strike.[4] Eleanor Magid was a printmaker, studying under Robert Blackburn.[5] Magid brought her young daughter's classmates and neighbors to the print studio during the strike and she taught them classes on printmaking.[4] The studio was originally based in the East Village, and in 2005 the facility moved to a larger site in Midtown Manhattan.[6]


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