Lovozero Massif

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The Lovozero Massif (Russian: Ловозёрские тундры, Lovozyorskiye Tundry, named after the lake in that area – Lake Lovozero; the region is also known as Ловозёрье, Lovozyorye) is a mountain range located in the center of the Kola Peninsula in Russia, between Lovozero and Lake Umbozero, and constitutes a horseshoe-shaped ridge of picturesque hills, that surround the Seydozero Lake. The slopes are covered mainly with spruce and pine. The highest point is Mount Angvundaschorr (1,120 m). The area around the lake is inhabited by Saami, and many place names are of non-Russian origin.

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The Lovozero Massif is underlain by a complex of agpaitic to hyperagpaitic rocks containing minerals as eudialyte, loparite (an ore of niobium and tantalum), natrosilite (anhydrous sodium silicate), etc. At least 105 valid minerals have been described in the massif and 39 minerals were initially discovered there.[1] The only other areas with similar geology and mineralogy are Khibiny Massif (immediately west of Lovozero), Ilimaussaq in SW Greenland and Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada.


The area is relatively well accessible from railroads. In winter the area is accessible from Khibiny Mountains via the ice of Umbozero. In summer there are usable mountain roads and trails.

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  • Ilma (Ильма)
  • Puncha (Пунча)
  • Motka (Мотка)

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