Love in a Forest

Love in a Forest is a 1723 comedy play by Charles Johnson.[2] It is a substantial reworking of Shakespeare's As You Like It cutting out characters and passages, while borrowing from other Shakespeare plays amongst other things.[3]

Love in a Forest
Written byCharles Johnson
Date premiered9 January 1723[1]
Place premieredTheatre Royal, Drury Lane
Original languageEnglish

The original Drury Lane cast included Charles Williams as Duke Frederick, Barton Booth as Alberto, Colley Cibber as Jacques, John Corey as Amiens, John Thurmond as Oliver, Robert Wilks as Orlando, John Roberts as Roberto, John Mills as Adam, Theophilus Cibber as Le Beau, William Mills as Charles, Hester Santlow as Rosalind, Sarah Thurmond as Celia, William Penkethman as Pyramus, Henry Norris as Wall and Joe Miller as Thisbe.


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