Love Me Strangely

Love Me Strangely (French: Un beau monstre, Italian: Il bel mostro, also known as A Strange Love Affair, Two Girls in My Bed and A Handsome Monster) is a 1971 French-Italian drama film written and directed by Sergio Gobbi. It is loosely based on the novel Un beau monstre by Dominique Fabre. It starred Virna Lisi, Helmut Berger, Francoise Brion and Howard Vernon.[1][2]

Love Me Strangely
Love Me Strangely.jpg
Directed bySergio Gobbi
Written byDominique Fabre
Sergio Gobbi
StarringVirna Lisi
CinematographyDaniel Diot
Music byGeorges Garvarentz
Release date


Alain Revent sadistically abuses women. His first wife, driven to suicide, leaps out of a window. He enlists the aid of another pervert named Dino, known as "the handsome beast", and they proceed to emotionally torment his second wife, Nathalie. Officer Leroy begins to suspect the truth and is determined to save the unfortunate woman from Alain's clutches before she too is driven to suicide.



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