Lovćen Brigade

The Lovćen Brigade (Serbian: Ловћенска бригада / Lovćenska brigada) was an armed force in World War II-Montenegro led by Krsto Zrnov Popović and the Greens. The unit was formed in September, 1942 with the approval of the Italian governorate of Montenegro.

Lovćen Brigade
Ловћенска Бригада
CountryAxis-occupied Yugoslavia
AllegianceItalian governorate of Montenegro
Krsto Zrnov Popović

The army was made up of:

  • I battalion, (based in Čevo, commanded by Dušan Vuković)
  • II battalion (based in Rijeka Crnojevića, commanded by Đoko Drecun)
  • III battalion (based in Brčeli, commanded by Petar Vuleković)
  • IV battalion (based in Velimlja, commanded by Risto Radović)