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Louis Gustave Mouchel

Louis Gustave Mouchel (11 January 1852 – 27 May 1908) was the founder of Mouchel, one of the United Kingdom's largest engineering consultancies.


Born and educated in Cherbourg, Mouchel trained as a naval officer and then as an engineer at the Government School of Mines.[1][2] He then joined the Department of Highways.[1]

In 1875, he moved to Briton Ferry in Wales and formed the Cardiff Washed Coal & Fuel Company.[1] He became the agent for a system of reinforced concrete developed by François Hennebique which he referred to as ferroconcrete.[1]

In 1907 he founded L. G. Mouchel which subsequently became one of the United Kingdom's largest engineering consultancies.[1]

He spent most of his adult life in the United Kingdom but died in Cherbourg in 1908.[1] He never married.[1]