Lotte Strauss (author)

Lotte Strauss, (born Lotte Schloss; August 2, 1913 Braunschweig, Germany) was a German-born author who wrote about her experiences as Jew in Nazi Germany .[1]


Strauss was born to Louis Schloss (1881–1967) and Johanna Bildesheim (1885–1942) in 1913.[1] She had a brother named Helmut (1915–1991).[1] She married to Herbert Arthur Strauss (1918–2005),

Between 1942 and 1943, Strauss and her husband hid in Berlin to avoid arrest by German authorities .[1] They were finally able to flee to Switzerland with the help of her uncle Ludwig Schöneberg.[1] In 1946, the couple had a daughter, Jane Helen.[1] That same year, they immigrated to the United States, moving to New York.[1]

In New York, Strauss worked a secretary at the New York State League of Women Voters.[1]

The film We Were German Jews (1981), directed by Michael Blackwood, followed Strauss and her husband as they fled Germany.[2][3]In 1997, Strauss published Over the Green Hill: Personal Memoir, Germany 1913-43.[1]

Selected worksEdit

Strauss, Lotte. Over The Green Hill. Fordham University Press. 1999 [4]


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