Los tramposos

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Los tramposos ("The cheaters") is a 1959 Spanish comedy film directed by Pedro Lazaga and starring Tony Leblanc and Antonio Ozores. The movie is about two small-time con-men.

Los tramposos
Directed byPedro Lazaga
Written byLuis García Berlanga
José Luis Colina
StarringTony Leblanc
Antonio Ozores
Concha Velasco
Laura Valenzuela
Venancio Muro
José Luis López Vázquez
Carlos Díaz de Mendoza
Music byAntón García Abril
Release date
Running time
88 minutes


Two small-time con men make a living of swindling people. They have a relatively happy life despite some "visits" to Carabanchel Prison. However, one of them, Virgilio, falls in love with the sister of his partner. Since she is not happy about their style of living, they decide to become honest people. Having failed in other jobs, open their own travel agency, which turns out to be a success after some comical incidents.


Spanish critic Carlos Aguilar in his Guía del cine español considers this film "in his own way, a classic".[1]


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