Los Bronces mine

The Los Bronces mine is a large copper mine located in the center of Chile in the limit with the Metropolitana Region and the Valparaiso Region with a height above sea level from 3000 to 4200 its approximate limit. Los Bronces represents one of the largest copper reserve in Chile and in the world having estimated reserves of 3.13 billion tonnes of ore grading 0.32% copper.[1]

Los Bronces mine
Metropolitana Region/Valparaíso Región
Coordinates33°08′42″S 70°16′16″W / 33.14500°S 70.27111°W / -33.14500; -70.27111Coordinates: 33°08′42″S 70°16′16″W / 33.14500°S 70.27111°W / -33.14500; -70.27111

Mineralization at Los Bronces is thought to be indebted to its position at the intersection of two large fault systems. This favoured the rise of magma and the subsequent circulation of mineral-rich fluids.[2]


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