Lonsdale Cup (NZOC)

The Lonsdale Cup on display at the New Zealand Olympic Museum

The Lonsdale Cup is awarded annually by the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) to a New Zealand athlete (or team) who has demonstrated the most outstanding contribution to an Olympic or Commonwealth sport during the previous year.[1]

The cup is a scale replica of the original Queen Anne cup of the same design presented by Lord Lonsdale during the 1911 Festival of Empire meeting. Originally won by Canada, it was subsequently given to the British Empire Games Federation to ensure its best use as an Empire Games trophy.

Due to its impractical size and the Federation deciding not to award such a trophy for the Games, the original was melted down in 1934, and smaller scale cups were given to the British Empire Games Associations in existence at the time.

It is on permanent display at the NZOC's New Zealand Olympic Museum, with athletes receiving a scale replica.


New Zealand's Lonsdale Cup has been awarded on an annual basis since 1961.[1]

Year Winner Sport
2019 Silver Ferns[2] Netball
2018 Black Ferns sevens[3] Rugby sevens
2017 Lisa Carrington[4] Canoeing
2016 Lisa Carrington Canoeing
2015 Lydia Ko Golf
2014 Valerie Adams[5] athletics
2013 Valerie Adams athletics
2012 Hamish Bond and Eric Murray rowing
2011 Valerie Adams athletics
2010 Silver Ferns Netball
2009 Mahé Drysdale rowing
2008 Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell rowing
2007 Valerie Vili athletics
2006 Valerie Vili athletics
2005 New Zealand rowing team rowing
2004 Sarah Ulmer cycling
2003 Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell rowing
2002 Sarah Ulmer cycling
2001 Blyth Tait equestrian
2000 Rob Waddell rowing
1999 Barbara Kendall yachting
1998 Rob Waddell rowing
1997 Beatrice Faumuina athletics
1996 Danyon Loader swimming
1995 Chris White rowing
1994 Stephen Petterson shooting
1993 Brenda Lawson rowing
1992 Danyon Loader swimming
1991 Anna Simcic swimming
1990 Gary Anderson Cycling
1989 Anthony Mosse swimming
1988 Bruce Kendall yachting
1987 Paul MacDonald canoeing
1986 Anthony Mosse swimming
1985 Ian Ferguson & Paul MacDonald canoeing
1984 Ian Ferguson canoeing
1983 David Barnes & Hamish Willcox yachting
1982 Neroli Fairhall archery
1981 David Barnes & Hamish Willcox yachting
1980 Anthony Cuff cycling
1979 Ian Ferguson canoeing
1978 Rebecca Perrott swimming
1976 Dick Quax athletics
1975 John Walker athletics
1974 Dick Tayler athletics
1973 Jack Foster athletics
1972 Rod Dixon athletics
1971 Les Mills athletics
1970 Harry Kent cycling
1969 Jeff Julian athletics
1968 Ian Ballinger shooting
1967 Dave McKenzie athletics
1966 Valerie Young athletics
1965 Don Oliver weightlifting
1964 Peter Snell athletics
1963 William D Baillie athletics
1962 Peter Snell athletics
1961 Murray Halberg athletics


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