Long Long Man

Sakeru Gummy vs. Long Sakeru Gummy (さけるグミVSなが~いさけるグミ, Sakeru Gumi tai Naga~i Sakeru Gumi), commonly known as Long Long Man, is a 2017 series of television commercials produced in Japan by Hakuhodo for UHA Mikakuto Co. Ltd., the manufacturer of Sakeru Gummy and Long Sakeru Gummy. The 11-part series of commercials follow a couple that loves Sakeru Gummy and their conflict with a mysterious man who eats a longer version of the candy.[3][4][1][5][6]

Long Long Man
Long Long Man.jpeg
Long Long Man crashes Chi-chan and Tooru-san's wedding
ClientUHA Mikakuto Co. Ltd.
Running time0:30
  • Sakeru Gummy
Release date(s)2017 (2017)
Directed byMitsuaki Imura


Chi-chan and Tooru-san love Sakeru Gummy, but one day, they see "Long Long Man", a mysterious mustached man tearing off a strip of Long Sakeru Gummy as seductive jazz music plays in the background. Since that day, Chi-chan has been obsessed with Long Long Man and anything of great length. Her relationship with Tooru-san is strained when he discovers a pack of Long Sakeru Gummy in her apartment. During their argument, Chi-chan passes out and lies to Tooru-san that she has a short life, and looking at long things relieves her of her worries. When Chi-chan's friend explains that regular Sakeru Gummy is simply Long Sakeru Gummy trimmed in smaller bites, Chi-chan reconciles with Tooru-san, despite her persistent obsession with Long Long Man. On the day of their wedding, they once again encounter Long Long Man, who reveals that he was in love with Tooru-san all along.[4][6]


  • Risako Itō as Chi-chan (ちーちゃん, Chī-chan)
  • Seiji Suzuki as Tooru-san (トオルさん)
  • Yukiyoshi Ozawa as Long Long Man (長い男, Nagai Otoko)


  1. Date (デート, Dēto)
  2. Zoo (動物園, Dōbu~tsuen)
  3. Bike Courier (バイク便, Baiku-bin)
  4. Entrance (玄関, Genkan)
  5. Jealousy (嫉妬, Shitto)
  6. Secret (秘密, Himitsu)
  7. Lie (, Uso)
  8. Proposal (プロポーズ, Puropōzu)
  9. Taxi (タクシー, Takushī)
  10. Long Long Limousine: The Bride's Real Intention (ロングロングリムジン ~花嫁の本音~, Rongu Rongu Rimujin ~ Hanayome no Hon'ne ~)
  11. True Love (さける2人 ~愛について~, Sakeru Futari ~ Ai ni Tsuite ~, lit. "Two Sakerus ~About Love~")


The commercial series won the Silver Lion at the 2018 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the Bronze Award at the 2019 AdFest, the ACC Grand Prix, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award at ACC Tokyo Creativity Awards 2018, and the 2018 TCC Advertising Award Grand Prix.[3]


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