London Festival of Architecture

The London Festival of Architecture takes place from 1–30 June,[1] featuring exhibitions and installations, talks and debates, open studios, tours, family activities, film screenings, student shows and architecture evenings which focus on the importance of architecture and design in London today.

London Festival of Architecture
London Festival of Architecture Logo.jpg
GenreArchitecture events, activities and installations
Location(s)London, United Kingdom
Founded2004 (Previously known as the London Architecture Biennale)

History and organisationEdit

The London Festival of Architecture (LFA) is Europe's biggest annual architecture festival.[1] It was founded by former director Peter Murray in 2004.[2] Up until 2006, the festival was only held once every two years and was previously known as the London Architecture Biennale. From 2008 onwards, the festival took place on an annual basis.[1] The event has grown exponentially year on year with Tamsie Thomson on board as Director of the London Festival of Architecture.[3]


Theme for year 2016 Festival was 'Community'.[4]

The theme for the 2017 London Festival of Architecture was 'Memory'.[5] Contributors, including architects, academics and the public itself had been asked to bear this in mind as they reflect on London's rich architectural heritage.[1]

In 2018, 'Identity' was the theme for the festival. And around 400 events took place through out the city.[6]

Key events and highlightsEdit

  • IP_DO Dulwich Picture Gallery pavilion[7]
  • The London Festival of Architecture Fringe[8]
  • Debates[1]
  • Great Architectural Bake-Off[9]
  • Exhibition of winning entries to Silvertown Flyover Design Competition[10]


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