Logh (band)

Logh (pronounced log) is a post-rock band formed in 1998 in Lund, Sweden. With four members, their first LP was released in 2002 on Bad Taste Records, incorporating elements of indie rock and shoegaze with hushed vocals and introspective lyrics. Played at Sleazys. The album was followed by two more, with lo-fi shoegazer elements, lightly brushed snares, subtle guitar strumming, and droning bass lines.

Background information
OriginLund, Sweden
GenresArt rock, post-rock
Years active1998–present
MembersMattias Friberg (vocals, guitar)
Mathias Olden (bass)
Jens Hellgren (guitar)
Mattias Jeppsson (guitar)
Karl Arvidson (keyboards)
Markku Hildén (drums)
Past membersKristofer Ronstrom (drums)
Fredrik Normark (drums)

After their second album, Kristofer Ronstrom (drums) was dropped from the band lineup, eventually replaced by not one but three new members, Markku Hildén (drums), Mattias Jeppsson, (guitar) and Karl Arvidson (keyboards).



Singles (7" Vinyl)

  • Ghosts (2002)
  • An Alliance of Hearts (2003)
  • The Bones of Generations (2004)
  • Lights From Sovereign States (2007)
  • The Raging Sun (2007)



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