Locotracteurs Gaston Moyse

Locotracteurs Gaston Moyse was a French manufacturer of diesel shunting locomotives. Founded in 1922 by Gaston Moyse, the company closed in the late 1970s.[1][2]

Locotracteurs Gaston Moyse
IndustryRail vehicle engineering
ProductsDiesel shunters
Plaque on a shunting locomotive manufactured by Locotracteurs Gaston Moyse

The company produced numerous shunting locomotives, including the Y 7400 and Y 8000 for the French state railways (SNCF),[3] and classes CP 1020 and CP 1050 for the Portuguese state railways (Comboios de Portugal).[4][5] and shunters for industrial use in steel works and on other industrial sites.[6]

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