Loan Market Association

The Loan Market Association (LMA) was formed in December 1996 and is based in London, UK.[1] Its initial aim was to assist in the development of the secondary loan market in Europe, which was in its infancy at that time. Its intention was to develop industry best practice and standard documentation.[1] The LMA is active in the primary market as well as the secondary market.


The LMA engages with its members, market participants and various stakeholders to tackle industry-wide issues and concerns; and continues to work directly with tax authorities, government bodies and a variety of national, European and US regulators.[2]


The LMA has over 660 members from 61 different jurisdictions.[3] Members pay a subscription fee to the LMA in exchange for predefined membership benefits.[4]

Education and eventsEdit

The LMA offers to its members a number of both free and paid courses.[5]

The LMA holds conferences across EMEA, including annual conferences and seminars.[6]

The LMA offers its members the opportunity to enrol onto an e-learning course intended to help create a shared knowledge benchmark for practitioners in the syndicated loan market and to drive efficiencies in the future.[7]

Since August 2015, the LMA has been publishing webinars on key topics.[5] The LMA also publishes video interviews with key figures within the industry.[8]


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