Lo smemorato di Collegno

Lo smemorato di Collegno (Italian for "The Collegno amnesiac") is a 1962 commedia all'italiana film directed by Sergio Corbucci. It is loosely based on the Bruneri-Canella case.[1][2]

Lo smemorato di Collegno
Lo smemorato di Collegno.jpg
Directed bySergio Corbucci
Written byBruno Corbucci
Giovanni Grimaldi
Produced byGianni Buffardi
CinematographyEnzo Barboni
Music byPiero Piccioni
Release date


A man is hospitalized in a neurological clinic, due to a memory loss. After the publication of his photography on a newspaper three people claim to have recognized him: Miss Ballarini and Miss Polacich, who both claim that he is their husband, and a fraudster, who accuses the amnesiac of being his disappeared accomplice.



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