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The Lloyd Expressway is a major east-west traffic artery located in Vanderburgh County, Indiana. The route primarily runs through Evansville, Indiana, reaching from Interstate 69 on the east side of the city to the Posey County line west of the city limits. West of US 41, the expressway is signed as Indiana State Road 62 (SR 62). East of US 41, it is signed as Indiana State Road 66 (SR 66).

Lloyd Expressway
The Lloyd
Route information
Maintained by Indiana Department of Transportation
Length14.3 mi (23.0 km)
ExistedJuly 19, 1988 (1988-07-19)–present
Major junctions
West endPosey/Vanderburgh county line
 University Parkway in Vanderburgh County
US 41 in Evansville
I-69 in Evansville
East endVanderburgh/Warrick county line
Highway system


Before the expressway was built, east-west traffic across Evansville was handled by a pair of streets: Division Street to the east of Main Street, and Pennsylvania Avenue to the west. These roads were congested and dangerous. For a short stretch, Division Street ran in tandem with a busy railroad track. The unacceptable condition of this route necessitated an expressway.[1]

The road was built in stages. The west section of the expressway was completed in the 1950s, ending at Fulton Avenue with plans to continue it further east at a later date. It wasn't until the 1970s and 80s that local officials succeeded in securing federal funding to finish construction. Key to this effort was popular Evansville mayor Russell G. Lloyd, Sr., who was assassinated in 1980 after he had left office. The expressway is named in his honor.[1]

In the spring of 1983, buildings in the expressway's path were demolished, and construction began on July 29, 1983. Five years later, the road finally opened on July 19, 1988. Construction on the eastern phase cost $160 million.[1]

Since opening, the state has made gradual improvements to the road. In 2008, construction began on a $32 million diamond interchange at Fulton Avenue near downtown. This replaced the at-grade signaled intersection that was there previously.[2] In 2014, a $19 million project was started to reconfigure the interchange with US 41 from a partial cloverleaf, with traffic lights on the Lloyd Expressway, into a full cloverleaf with no signals.[3] There have been proposals for similar projects on other high-traffic intersections, such as Burkhardt Road.[4]

Route descriptionEdit

As one travels along the expressway, upon reaching US 41, one state highway — SR 62 if traveling east or SR 66 if traveling west — leaves the expressway while the other joins the expressway. (To the north, SR 62 and SR 66 both run concurrently with US 41 and eventually turn off in opposite directions).

The expressway contains a mix of intersections and interchanges. Because the route includes several at-grade intersections with stoplights, Evansville residents sometimes use the term "expressway" derisively, or drop it altogether and call it "the Lloyd" instead[1]. Nevertheless, the road actually has many characteristics that fit the standard definition of "expressway." Opposing traffic is separated between intersections and interchanges, largely by medians. There are few driveways along the route, with most access made via side roads. Most driveways that do exist are restricted to right-in/right-out access only.[5]

Along much of its route, especially near the downtown area, the expressway is bordered by Division Street along the north side of the road and John Street along the south side of the road. These two streets act as frontage roads for the expressway; many of the on-ramps and off-ramps from the highway connect with Division Street or John Street instead of the road actually labeled on the exit sign. This allows drivers to continue on to other streets that do not have their own exits.[5]

Major intersectionsEdit

The entire expressway is in Vanderburgh County.

Perry Township0.00.0Posey County Line RoadAt-grade, non-signaled intersection
1.11.8McDowell RoadAt-grade, non-signaled intersection
1.72.7University ParkwayDiamond interchange; access to University of Southern Indiana
2.43.9Schutte RoadAt-grade, signal-controlled intersection
2.64.2Felstead RoadAt-grade, non-signaled intersection
2.84.5Middle Mt Vernon RoadAt-grade, non-signaled intersection
3.55.6Boehne Camp RoadAt-grade, signal-controlled intersection
Evansville4.06.4Red Bank RoadAt-grade, signal-controlled intersection
4.57.2Rosenberger AvenueAt-grade, signal-controlled intersection
4.87.7Dorothy DriveFormer westbound right-in/right-out; closed due to high accident rate
5.28.4Ingle AvenueRight-in/right-out
5.38.5Corbierre AvenueWestbound exit only (to Tekoppel Avenue)
5.58.9Barker AvenuePartial cloverleaf interchange utilizing Igleheart Avenue
5.89.3Lemcke AvenueWestbound access only; right-in/right-out
5.99.5Pennsylvania StreetEastbound entrance only
6.09.7St Joseph AvenueAt-grade, signal-controlled intersection
6.19.812th AvenueWestbound access only; right-in/right-out
6.210.011th AvenueEastbound access only; right-in/right-out
6.310.110th AvenueRight-in/right-out
6.410.3Wabash Avenue of FlagsAt-grade, signal-controlled intersection
7.011.3Fulton AvenueDiamond interchange, signaled on Fulton Avenue
7.411.9Division Street at Mary StreetFormer westbound entrance; closed with addition of Fulton Avenue interchange
7.612.2John Street at 4th StreetEastbound entrance only
8.012.9John Street at Main StreetEastbound access only
8.012.9Division Street at Main StreetWestbound exit only
8.613.8John Street at Garvin StreetEastbound entrance only
8.613.8Division Street at Garvin StreetWestbound exit only
9.114.6    US 41 / SR 62 east / SR 66 westCloverleaf interchange;[7] route transition from SR 62 (west of US 41) to SR 66 (east of US 41)
9.415.1Division Street at Willow RoadWestbound access only
9.915.9Weinbach AvenueDiamond interchange, signaled on Weinbach Avenue
10.416.7Boeke RoadDiamond interchange, signaled on Boeke Road
10.917.5Vann AvenueAt-grade, signal-controlled intersection
11.318.2Stockwell RoadAt-grade, signal-controlled intersection
11.919.2Green River RoadSingle-point urban interchange
12.219.6Cullen AvenueEastbound access only; right-in/right-out
12.319.8Fielding RoadAt-grade, signal-controlled intersection
12.520.1Brentwood DriveAt-grade, signal-controlled intersection; only cross-traffic movement permitted is left turn from eastbound Lloyd Expy
12.720.4Kimber LaneWestbound access only; right-in/right-out
12.820.6Williamsburg DriveEastbound access only; right-in/right-out
12.920.8Burkhardt RoadAt-grade, signal-controlled intersection
13.521.7Cross Pointe BoulevardAt-grade, signal-controlled intersection
14.122.7  I-69, formerly   I-164Cloverleaf interchange
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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