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Lists of The New York Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers

This is a list of lists by year of The New York Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers.

The New York Times Best Seller list was first published without fanfare on October 12, 1931.[1][2] It consisted of five fiction and four non-fiction for the New York City region only.[2] The following month the list was expanded to eight cities, with a separate list for each city.[2] By the early 1940s, fourteen cities were included. A national list was created April 9, 1942 in The New York Times Book Review (Sundays) as a supplement to the regular paper's city lists (Monday edition).[2] The national list ranked by weighting how many times the book appeared in each city list.[2] A few years later, the city lists were eliminated leaving only the national rankings, which was compiled according to "reports from leading booksellers in 22 cities," a system which remains essentially unchanged to this day (though the specifics have changed).[2]

A separate category for "Advice, How-To and Miscellaneous" books was created January 1, 1984. Its number one bestseller (The Body Principal by Victoria Principal) had been number ten and number twelve on the non-fiction lists for the two preceding weeks.[3]

The New York Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers by YearEdit

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