Listen to the Lion (film)

Listen to the Lion is a 1977 short feature from Australia.

Listen to the Lion
Directed byHenri Safran
Written byRobert Hill
Produced byRobert Hill
StarringWyn Roberts
CinematographyMalcolm Richards
Edited byMervyn Lloyd
Music byMichael Carlos
Stockton Ferri Films
Release date
5 September 1977
Running time
52 mins


A Sydney derelict lies drunk in an alley and is beaten up by thugs. A friend helps him find refuge in a night shelter. As he lies dying he has a vision of himself flying about the room. The man dies and after the cremation of his corpse, his spirit returns to the footpath.


  • Wyn Roberts as Hunter
  • Barry Lovett as one legged man
  • Syd Heylen as Hunter's friend
  • John Derum as evangelist


The film was written by Robert Hill, a former journalist who spent months researching the life of homeless people in Sydney. A substantial portion of the budget was provided by the General Production Fund of the Australian Film Commission.[1]


The film won Greater Union Award for Best Fiction Film at the 1977 Sydney Film Festival and the Robert Mamoulian Award for the most distinguished Australian short film.[1]

Although shot before Storm Boy (1976), also directed by Henri Safran, it was not released until after that film.


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