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List of waves named after people

This is a list of waves named after people (eponymous waves).

Wave Field Person(s) named after
Alfvén wave Magnetohydrodynamics Hannes Alfvén
Bloch wave Solid state physics, condensed matter physics Felix Bloch
de Broglie wave Quantum physics Louis de Broglie
Elliott wave Finance Ralph Nelson Elliott
Faraday wave Water waves Michael Faraday
Gerstner wave[1] Water waves, oceanography František Josef Gerstner
Kelvin wave Oceanography, atmospheric dynamics Lord Kelvin
Lamb wave Acoustics, elastic waves Horace Lamb
Langmuir wave Plasma physics Irving Langmuir
Love wave Elastodynamics, surface waves Augustus Edward Hough Love
Mach wave Fluid dynamics Ernst Mach
Rayleigh wave or Rayleigh–Lamb wave Surface acoustic waves, seismology Lord Rayleigh and Horace Lamb
Rossby wave Meteorology, oceanography Carl-Gustaf Rossby
Stokes wave Surface gravity waves, water waves George Gabriel Stokes
Tollmien–Schlichting wave Stability of laminar flows Walter Tollmien and Hermann Schlichting

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