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List of watermills in Lincolnshire

This is a list of Watermills within the county of Lincolnshire.

Name River Location Date Grade Status Notes Image
Aswardby Mill RIver Lymn Sausthorpe ? ?
Alvingham Mill River Lud Alvingham ? II* Intact Alvingham Mill - - 191462.jpg
Claythorpe Mill Great Eau Aby ? ? Claythorpe Mill - - 1740029.jpg
Cogglesford Mill River Slea Sleaford ? II Cogglesford water Mill - - 186538.jpg
Fulsby Mill River Bain Fulsby ? ? No longer exists
Harrowby Mill River Witham Manthorpe 1702 II Only millhouse survives. Now private residence.
Kirkby on Bain Mill River Bain Kirkby on Bain Private residence. Wheel still intact. Now known as The Old Watermill.
Londonthorpe Mill River Witham Manthorpe 18th Century II* Intact. Also (currently) known as Manthorpe Mill.
Manthorpe Mill River Witham Manthorpe ? ? No longer exists
Partney Mill River Lymn Spilsby ? ? No longer exists
Slate Mill River Witham Grantham ? ? No longer exists
Tattershall Mill River Bain Coningsby ? ? No longer exists
Tealby Mill River Rase Tealby ? ? Tealby Thorpe Watermill on the River Rase (geograph 3556417).jpg
Tetford Water Mill River Lymn Tetford ? II
Thimbleby Mill River Bain Horncastle ? ?
Victoria Mill River Bain Horncastle ? ? Now business premises
Withern Mill Great Eau Withern ? ?