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List of townlands of the barony of Duhallow

This is a sortable table of the townlands in the barony of Duhallow, County Cork, Ireland.[1][2] Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the barony, and also where a townland is known by two alternative names. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the area column.

Townland listEdit

Townland Area
Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Acres 159 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Aghaneenagh 359 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Ahane Beg 158 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Ahane Lower 188 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Ahane Upper 303 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Aldworth 183 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Anagloor 417 Duhallow Drishane Millstreet
Ardnageeha 311 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Assolas 303 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Ballagh 542 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Ballinookery 204 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Ballintober 331 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Ballybahallagh 1,077 Duhallow Churchtown Kanturk
Ballybane 488 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Ballyboght 439 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Ballyboneill 120 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Ballyduane East 141 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Ballyduane South 157 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Ballyduane West 255 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Ballygiblin 442 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Ballygrady North 354 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Ballygrady South 298 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Ballyhass 247 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Ballyheen Middle 142 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Ballyheen North 142 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Ballyheen South 154 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Ballyhest East 55 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Ballyhest West 88 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Ballyhoolahan East 235 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Ballyhoolahan Middle 418 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Ballyhoolahan West 694 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Ballymacmurragh 399 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Ballymacpierce 222 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Ballymaquirk 360 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Ballynafeaha 167 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Ballynaguilla 396 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Ballynamona 114 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Ballynoe 169 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Ballynoe 291 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Ballyphilibee 225 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Ballyrusheen 378 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Ballysimon 300 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Ballythomas 197 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Bannagh 251 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Banteer Town Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Banteer 1,020 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Barleyhill 835 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Barnacurra 508 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Baunoulagh 53 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Bawnaneal 165 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Bawnmore North 443 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Bawnmore South 729 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Beenalaght 488 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Beennamweel East 506 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Beennamweel West 419 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Bettyville 302 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Blueford 416 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Bluepool 50 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Boherbue Town Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Boola 403 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Boolymore 1,031 Duhallow Dromtarriff Millstreet
Brittas 494 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Caheraveelane 234 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Cahernagh (Leland) 141 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Cahernagh (Morgel) 200 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Cahernagh East 110 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Cappanagoul 509 Duhallow Knocktemple Kanturk
Cappaphaudeen 1,516 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Carragraigue 1,552 Duhallow Dromtarriff Millstreet
Carrigaline 380 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Millstreet
Carrigane 177 Duhallow Rosskeen Kanturk
Carriganes 1,013 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Kanturk
Carrigcastle 268 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Carrigcleena Beg 314 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Carrigcleena More 632 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Castlecor Demesne 548 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Castlelohort Demesne 223 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Castlemacauliffe 214 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Castlemagner 241 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Cecilstown Town Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Cecilstown 239 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Charlesfield 684 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Church Hill 99 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Claragh More 462 Duhallow Drishane Millstreet
Claraghatlea North 397 Duhallow Drishane Millstreet
Claraghatlea South 185 Duhallow Drishane Millstreet
Clash 139 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Clashroe 404 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Clashykinleen East 306 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Clashykinleen West 449 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Cleanrath 353 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Cloghboola 411 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Cloghvoula 1,249 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Clonfert 259 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Clonmeen North 142 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Clonmeen South 392 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Clonrobin 545 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Cloonbannin East 476 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Cloonbannin West 258 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Cloongeel 659 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Cloongowan 238 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Cloonteens 227 Duhallow Rosskeen Kanturk
Cloontycommade 297 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Clyda 62 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Clydaville 66 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Coalpits 132 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Commons 185 Duhallow Knocktemple Kanturk
Commons North 258 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Commons South 1,131 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Coolacheesker 117 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Coolacoosane 315 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Coolageela East 473 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Coolageela West 334 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Coolagh 335 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Coolawaleen 291 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Coolbane 168 Duhallow Knocktemple Mallow
Coolbane 434 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Coolclogh 465 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Coolcloher East 215 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Coolcloher South 239 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Coolcloher West 214 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Coolmahane 197 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Coolnahane 484 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Coolnahilla 135 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Coolnamagh 138 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Coolnamagh 156 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Coolroebeg 392 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Coolroemore 1,159 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Coolykeerane 623 Duhallow Drishane Millstreet
Coolykereen 623 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Copsefield 275 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Corbally 468 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Creggane 218 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Croanrea 701 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Cummerduff 216 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Cummery Connell (North) 813 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Cummery Connell (South) 1,536 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Curraduff 565 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Curragh 120 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Curragh 259 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Curragh 687 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Curraghbower 220 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Curraghcreen 181 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Curraghrour East 572 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Curraghrour West 480 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Curraghs 513 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Curraheen 606 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Curraleagh 157 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Demesne 203 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Dernagree 147 Duhallow Dromtarriff Millstreet
Derragh 317 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Derrishal 321 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Derry 776 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Derrygalun 397 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Derrygowna 410 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Derryleagh 315 Duhallow Kilmeen Millstreet
Derrynamona 111 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Derrynatubbrid 375 Duhallow Kilmeen Millstreet
Doonasleen East 196 Duhallow Kilmeen Millstreet
Doonasleen North 526 Duhallow Kilmeen Millstreet
Doonasleen South 600 Duhallow Kilmeen Millstreet
Dromagh 446 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Dromahoe 568 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Dromalour 412 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Dromanarrigle 467 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Dromaneen 790 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Dromanig 297 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Dromcummer Beg 249 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Dromcummer More 373 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Dromin 90 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Drominagh North 575 Duhallow Dromtarriff Millstreet
Drominagh South 463 Duhallow Dromtarriff Millstreet
Drominagore 405 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Drommahane Town Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Drommahane 531 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Dromore 760 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Dromore North 697 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Dromore South 566 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Drompeesh 292 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Dromrastill 238 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Dromsicane 397 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Dromskarragh Beg 167 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Dromskarragh More 282 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Dromskehy 422 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Dromtarriff 122 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Duarrigle 147 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Duarrigle 520 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Ducleagh 323 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Duinch 690 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Dysert 639 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Esk North 277 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Esk South 471 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Euglaune 137 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Farrangeel 391 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Farrankeal 408 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Millstreet
Fermoyle 380 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Firville West 350 Duhallow Mallow Mallow
Foiladaun 287 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Foilogohig 735 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Fortgrady 506 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Freemount Town Duhallow Knocktemple Kanturk
Freemount 382 Duhallow Knocktemple Kanturk
Gardeen 117 Duhallow Kilcorcoran Kanturk
Gardeen 178 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Garragort 223 Duhallow Knocktemple Mallow
Garranbaun 93 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Garrane 244 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Garrane 599 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Garrane North 175 Duhallow Dromtarriff Millstreet
Garrane South 201 Duhallow Dromtarriff Millstreet
Garrane West 194 Duhallow Dromtarriff Millstreet
Garranmacgarrett 323 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Garraunawarrig Lower 484 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Garraunawarrig Upper 391 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Garraunteefineen 137 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Garraveasoge 407 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Garrison 471 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Gearanaskagh 280 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Glandine 755 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Glanminnane 541 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Glannaharee East 1,081 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Glannaharee West 533 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Glannoge 411 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Glantane Town Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Glantane 482 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Glantane Beg 222 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Glantane More 311 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Glantaunmacarthy 135 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Glanycummane Lower 265 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Glanycummane Upper 329 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Glashaboy East 567 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Glashaboy West 633 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Glasheenanargid 354 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Glen North 541 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Glen South 1,023 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Glenacarney 897 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Glenaknockane 915 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Glenalougha 335 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Glencollins Lower 393 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Kanturk
Glencollins Upper 966 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Kanturk
Glenfield North 136 Duhallow Knocktemple Kanturk
Glenfield South 343 Duhallow Knocktemple Kanturk
Glenlahan 1,457 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Glenlara 951 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Glenlohane 63 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Glennakeel North 307 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Glennakeel South 1,540 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Glennakeel West 791 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Glennaknockane 646 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Glennamucklagh East 843 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Glennamucklagh West 1,320 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Glenreagh 788 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Glentaneatnagh North 513 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Glentaneatnagh South 448 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Glentanedowney 363 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Glentanefinnane 1,621 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Glentanemacelligot 585 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Gneeves Town Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Gneeves Town Duhallow Rosskeen Kanturk
Gneeves 170 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Gneeves 425 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Gneeves 620 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Gooseberryhill 1,361 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Gortageen 569 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Gortateeboy 177 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Gortavoher 181 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Gortbofinna 255 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Gortearagh 356 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Gorteennafinnoge 446 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Gortknockaneroe 290 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Gortmolire 211 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Gortmore 1,684 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Gortnacreha 225 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Gortnagark 93 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Gortnaglogh 99 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Gortnagross 55 Duhallow Mallow Mallow
Gortnagross 962 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Gortnascregga 336 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Gortroe 376 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Gougane 561 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Greenane 283 Duhallow Kilroe Kanturk
Greenfield 249 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Grillough 356 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Grillough 7 Duhallow Kilcorcoran Kanturk
Gurteen 536 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Gurteenard 329 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Gurteenbeha 296 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Gurteennacloona 189 Duhallow Rosskeen Kanturk
Illaunknocknanagh 233 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Inchamay North 895 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Inchamay South 1,083 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Inchantotane 534 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Inchidaly 208 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Island 534 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Islandav 351 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Islandbrack 370 Duhallow Kilmeen Millstreet
Island-dahill 439 Duhallow Dromtarriff Millstreet
Kanturk] Town Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Kanturk Town Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Kanturk Town Duhallow Kilroe Kanturk
Kanturk 325 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Keale North 258 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Keale South 210 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Kealmanagh 265 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Keel 206 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Keeltane 537 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Kilbarrahan 126 Duhallow Rosskeen Kanturk
Kilbarry 498 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Kilberrihert 905 Duhallow Knocktemple Kanturk
Kilcaskan North 333 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Kilcaskan South 261 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Kilcolman 213 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Kilcolman 410 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Kilcranathan 409 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Kilgilky North 173 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Kilgilky South 378 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Kilgobban 152 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Kilgobnet 111 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Kilknockane 675 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Killarush 145 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Killasseragh 165 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Killavallig 339 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Killavoy 595 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Killeenleagh 418 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Killetragh 468 Duhallow Dromtarriff Millstreet
Killinane 243 Duhallow Knocktemple Kanturk
Killinane 479 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Killowen 349 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Kilmacurrane 733 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Kilmichael 125 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Kilnahulla Beg 168 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Kilnahulla More 408 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Kilpadder North 262 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Kilpadder South 344 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Kilpatrick 122 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Kilroe 248 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Kilvealaton East 118 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Kilvealaton West 385 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Kingwilliamstown (or Ballydesmond ??) 254 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Kanturk
Kippagh 153 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Kippagh 198 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Kippagh Middle 95 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Kippagh North 137 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Kippagh South 60 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Kishkeam Lower 306 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Kishkeam Upper 490 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Knawhill 345 Duhallow Knocktemple Kanturk
Knock 232 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Knockacarracoosh 221 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Knockaclarig 1,096 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Knockacluggin 739 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Knockacummer 405 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Knockagarrane East 118 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Knockagarrane West 105 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Knockagolig 504 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Knockahorrea East 855 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Knockahorrea West 832 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Knockalohert 339 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Knockane 151 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Knockaneda 162 Duhallow Knocktemple Kanturk
Knockaneglass East 213 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Knockaneglass West 131 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Knockaneroe 317 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Knockansweeny 170 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Knockardfree 365 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Knockardrahan 479 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Knockardsharriv 268 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Knockastuckane 315 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Knockatooan 641 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Knockatoumpane 356 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Knockavaddra 1,084 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Knockavoreen 408 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Knockawillin 479 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Knockawillin 604 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Knockballymartin 327 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Knockbrack 606 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Knockcahill 291 Duhallow Dromtarriff Millstreet
Knockcloona 114 Duhallow Knocktemple Kanturk
Knockdrislagh 383 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Knockduff Lower 124 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Knockduff Lower 812 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Knockduff Upper 1,204 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Knockduff Upper 360 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Knockeanagh 828 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Knockeenacurrig East 186 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Knockeenacurrig West 286 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Knockeenadallane 275 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Knockeenadallane 437 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Knockeenatuder 161 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Knockeennagearagh 256 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Knockfadda 72 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Knockilly 681 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Knocklagh 285 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Knockmanagh 318 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Knocknacolan 371 Duhallow Kilroe Kanturk
Knocknacurragh 381 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Knocknageeha East 228 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Knocknageeha North 238 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Knocknageeha South 174 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Knocknageeha West 168 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Knocknagree 448 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Millstreet
Knocknamona 411 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Knocknamuck 259 Duhallow Knocktemple Kanturk
Knocknamucklagh 225 Duhallow Knocktemple Kanturk
Knocknanagh Commons 365 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Knocknanagh East 434 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Knocknanagh West 416 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Knocknanuss 262 Duhallow Subulter Kanturk
Knocknashannagh 302 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Knockskavane 910 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Knockskehy 797 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Knockyhena 595 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Millstreet
Knockyrourke 529 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Knoppoge 11 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Knoppoge 197 Duhallow Kilcorcoran Kanturk
Lackaleigh 96 Duhallow Subulter Kanturk
Lackanastooka 431 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Millstreet
Lackaneen 284 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Lackeel 159 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Lackendarragh 911 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Laght 423 Duhallow Dromtarriff Millstreet
Laghtsigh 442 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Millstreet
Laharan East 272 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Laharan West 192 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Laharen 759 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Liscongill 247 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Lisdangan 345 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Lisduggan North 221 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Lisduggan South 304 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Lisheenafeela 317 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Lisheenowen 238 Duhallow Kilcorcoran Kanturk
Lislehane 175 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Lismeelcunnin 760 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Lismire 752 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Lisnaboy Lower 247 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Lisnaboy Upper 267 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Lisnacon 425 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Lisnashearshane 296 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Lisrobin East 297 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Lisrobin West 527 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Lissaniska 149 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Lohort East 250 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Lohort West 228 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Lombardstown 358 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Longacre 214 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Longueville 317 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Loumanagh North 211 Duhallow Kilmeen Millstreet
Loumanagh South 528 Duhallow Kilmeen Millstreet
Lyraneag 771 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Lyravuckane 227 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Lyre 503 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Lyre 77 Duhallow Knocktemple Kanturk
Lyredaowen 489 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Millstreet
Mahanagh 135 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Marybrook 171 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Maulyclickeen 353 Duhallow Kilmeen Millstreet
Meelaherragh 403 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Meenagloghrane 365 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Meenaraheeny 813 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Meenatarriff 127 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Meendurragha 276 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Meeneeshal 686 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Meengorman 495 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Meenkearagh 635 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Meenroe 244 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Meens 322 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Meens 787 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Meenskeha East 222 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Meenskeha West 250 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Meentinny East 560 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Meentinny West 1,403 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Meentyflugh 347 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Milleenboy 822 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Milleenduff 1,346 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Milleenylegane 122 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Minehill 165 Duhallow Dromtarriff Millstreet
Moanroe 202 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Moher 427 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Mohereen 486 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Monanveel 463 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Mounthillary 115 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Mountinfant 311 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Millstreet
Mountkeeffe 707 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Muckenagh 463 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Muinganine 1,063 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Kanturk
Muingyroogeen 218 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Mullaghroe North 166 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Mullaghroe South 186 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Nadanuller Beg 498 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Nadanuller More 682 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Newberry 294 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Newmarket Town Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Newmarket 144 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Newtown 78 Duhallow Mallow Mallow
Nohaval Lower 414 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Millstreet
Nohaval Upper 477 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Millstreet
Nohavaldaly 964 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Millstreet
Nursetown Beg 254 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Nursetown More 356 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Paal East 247 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Paal West 393 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Pallas 620 Duhallow Rosskeen Kanturk
Park 233 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Millstreet
Park 457 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Poulavare 164 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Prohus 312 Duhallow Dromtarriff Millstreet
Pulleen 343 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Raheen 372 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Rascalstreet 234 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Rathcool 979 Duhallow Dromtarriff Millstreet
Rathmaher 98 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Rathnagard 239 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Rathranna 434 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Rathroe 223 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Rea-allen 293 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Reanagashel 341 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Reanahoun 880 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Reandallane 242 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Rockhill East 779 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Rockhill West 1,329 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Roskeen 4 Duhallow Rosskeen Kanturk
Rosnagussane 124 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Rossacon 691 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Rossglass 184 Duhallow Dromtarriff Kanturk
Rossline 128 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Rossline 450 Duhallow Kilcorcoran Kanturk
Rowls Aldworth 166 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Rowls Allen 412 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Rowls Daunt 254 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Rowls Langford (North) 1,125 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Rowls Langford (South) 1,314 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Rowls Noonan 641 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Rowls Shaddock 250 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Ruanes 133 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow
Rusheen 280 Duhallow Kilcorcoran Kanturk
Sallys Cross Roads Town Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Scarteen Lower 702 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Scarteen Upper 730 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Scrahan 304 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Millstreet
Shanaknock 348 Duhallow Drishane Millstreet
Shanavoher 483 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Shanavoher 774 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Shanbally 428 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Millstreet
Shronebeha 518 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Skagh 296 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Skarragh 538 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Smithfield 198 Duhallow Kilshannig Mallow
Spring Grove 263 Duhallow Kilroe Kanturk
Springville 72 Duhallow Kilbrin Kanturk
Stumphill 360 Duhallow Subulter Kanturk
Subulter 382 Duhallow Subulter Kanturk
Sunfort 230 Duhallow Knocktemple Kanturk
Taurbeg 410 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Taurmore 1,135 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Toorard 922 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Tooreen 221 Duhallow Clonmeen Kanturk
Tooreen Donnell 140 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Tooreenavuscaun 388 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Tooreenclassagh 587 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Kanturk
Tooreencormack 145 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Tooreendermot 360 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Tooreenduff 516 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Tooreenfineen 1,240 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Tooreenglanahee 789 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Kanturk
Tooreenmacauliffe 1,174 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Tooreennagrena 624 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Tooreennaguppoge 313 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Tooreennamire 230 Duhallow Clonfert Kanturk
Tooreenreaghy 143 Duhallow Nohavaldaly Millstreet
Tulladuff 359 Duhallow Knocktemple Kanturk
Tullylease 251 Duhallow Tullylease Kanturk
Two Gneeves 199 Duhallow Cullen Millstreet
Two Gneeves 71 Duhallow Castlemagner Kanturk
Ummeraboy East 371 Duhallow Kilmeen Millstreet
Ummeraboy West 709 Duhallow Kilmeen Millstreet
Urraghilbeg 417 Duhallow Kilmeen Kanturk
Urraghilmore East 417 Duhallow Kilmeen Millstreet
Urraghilmore West 416 Duhallow Kilmeen Millstreet
Woodpark 277 Duhallow Ballyclogh Mallow


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