List of terms related to an average person

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Here is a list of terms related to an average person.


By cultureEdit

Arab WorldEdit

Fulan (male: فلان) Fulana (female: فلانة)[1]


  • Hans Meier / Maier / Mayer[2]
  • Herr und Frau Österreicher (Mr and Mrs Austrian)[3]


Matti Meikäläinen (male, literally "our Matti"), Maija Meikäläinen (female, literally "our Maija")[4]


  • Very popular names (similar to John/Jane Doe): Jean Dupont, Paul Martin, M./Mme Durand, M./Mme Martin, etc.;
  • Usable as a common word: Pierre-Paul-Jacques (with the meaning of "Someone");[5]
  • Random people (similar to Average John/Jane): Monsieur/Madame Tout-le-monde,[6] (M./Mme) Untel/Unetelle (Mr/Mrs NoName),[7] Madame Michu (only female),[8] (M./Mme) Tartempion (familiar and little satirical);[9]
  • Other:
    • (M./Mme) Machin/Machine (familiar terms, used when one does not take the pain to find another term);[10]
    • (Un) Gazier (originally, a man who worked in gas transport; nowadays, it is a familiar term to tell "Someone" (mostly for a man, this term is rare for women, and in such a case, the correct orthography is "Gazière").[11]

See also fr:wikt:Tartempion#Synonymes


  • Max Mustermann (Erika for female)
  • Otto Normalverbraucher



  • Jan Kowalski (male), Anna Kowalska (female), the second most common Polish surname.
  • For a broader representation of average Poles "Kowalski" may be grouped with some other common surnames, such as Nowak (the most common Polish surname), Malinowski, or Wiśniewski: "Imagine our neighbors, the Kowalskis or Nowaks, who earn PLN 100 less per month than we do".[15]


  • Fulano (from Arabic), Ciclano (unknown etymology), Beltrano (from given name Beltrão)[16] "Fulano, Cicrano e Beltrano" equivalent to "Tom, Dick and Harry"


  • Vasya Pupkin [ru]
  • For a group of average persons or to stress the randomness of a selection, common Russian surnames are used: "Ivanov, Petrov, or Sidorov".[17] There is a military joke: The sergeant asks the rookies: "Your surnames!" - "Ivanov!", "Petrov!", "Sidorov!" - "Are you brothers?" - "No, we are namesakes, sir!"[18]


  • Fulano, from Arabic, Mengano, Zutano. "Fulano, Mengano y Zutano" equivalent to "Tom, Dick and Harry"


  • Somchai (common name for male – literally meaning "appropriate for a man"), Somsri (common, if somewhat dated, name for female), Sommai (common names of either gender), nai-gor (นาย equivalent to 'Mr. A')[19]

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SS card featuring John Q. Public

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