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List of synagogues in Bulgaria

This is a list of synagogues, Jewish houses of prayer, in Bulgaria.

Name Location Built Architectural style[1] Status Image Reference
Sofia Synagogue Sofia 1909 Moorish Revival functioning Sofia-synagogue-from-Halite.jpg [2]
Plovdiv Synagogue (Zion) Plovdiv 1887 functioning Synagogue in Plovdiv D.jpg [3]
Synagogue of Philippopolis Plovdiv 3rd - 4th century in ruins Synagogue2.jpg [4]
Vidin Synagogue Vidin 1894 in ruins, building being reconstructed Vidin-sinagoga.jpg [5]
Varna Sephardic Synagogue Varna 1890 Moorish Revival, Gothic Revival in ruins Varna Sepharadic Synagogue.jpg [6]
Varna Ashkenazi Synagogue Varna 1910 demolished 2007 Varna Ashkenazi Synagogue.jpg [6]
Burgas Synagogue Burgas 1909 Moorish Revival, Neo-Byzantine, Neoclassical now used as Petko Zadgorski Burgas Art Gallery, building being reconstructed Burgas-art-gallery-1.jpg [7]
Samokov Synagogue Samokov 1860 in ruins Samokov Synagogue C.jpg [8][9]
Pazardzhik Big Synagogue Pazardzhik 1850 Bulgarian National Revival Neo-Baroque not functioning [1] [10]
Pazardzhik Little Synagogue Pazardzhik 1872 Bulgarian National Revival functioning [2] [11]
Shumen Synagogue Shumen mid-19th century Demolished [3], [4] [12]
Dobrich Synagogue Dobrich 1887 Dobrich Synagogue.jpg
Gotse Delchev Synagogue Gotse Delchev (town) early 20th century Gotse Delchev Synagogue E.jpg
Silistra Synagogue Silistra preserved [5]
Yambol Synagogue (Bulgaria) Yambol 1896 now used as George Papazov Art Gallery Yambol George Papazov art gallery (former synagogue) C.jpg [6]


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