List of sanitary districts in Dorset

Under the Public Health Acts 1873 and 1875 the Poor Law Unions were used as the basis for sanitary districts. All municipal boroughs and areas with bodies such as improvement commissioners became Urban Sanitary Districts. (Any area which acquired borough or urban status after the Act also became at that point an Urban Sanitary District). The remaining areas of the country - i.e., the Unions minus the urban areas - became Rural Sanitary Districts.

Under the Local Government Act 1894 the Urban and Rural Sanitary Districts in Dorset were succeeded by Urban Districts and Rural Districts.

Sanitary districts in Dorset between 1875 and 1894Edit

  • RSD - Rural Sanitary District
  • USD - Urban Sanitary District

Axminster RSDEdit

In Devon but also covered the following parishes, then in Dorset:

Beaminster RSDEdit



Blandford RSDEdit

Blandford Forum USDEdit

Bridport RSDEdit

Bridport USDEdit

Cerne RSDEdit

Chard RSDEdit

In Somerset but also covered the following parish, at that time in Dorset:

Dorchester RSDEdit

Dorchester USDEdit

Kinson USDEdit

Lyme Regis USDEdit

Mere RSDEdit

In Wiltshire but also covered the following Dorset parishes:

Poole RSDEdit

Poole USDEdit

Portland USDEdit

Shaftesbury RSDEdit

Shaftesbury USDEdit

  • parts of Shaftesbury (Holy Trinity, St James, St Peter)

Sherborne RSDEdit



Sherborne USDEdit

Sturminster RSDEdit

Swanage USDEdit

Wareham and Purbeck RSDEdit

Wareham USDEdit

  • Wareham Holy Trinity (part); Lady St Mary (part 1875-86; entire 1886-94); St Martin (part)

Weymouth RSDEdit

Weymouth and Melcombe Regis USDEdit

Wimborne and Cranborne RSDEdit

Wimborne Minster USDEdit

Wincanton RSDEdit

In Somerset but covered the following Dorset parishes: