List of rivers of Spain

This is an incomplete list of rivers that are at least partially in Spain. The rivers flowing into the sea are sorted along the coast. Rivers flowing into other rivers are listed by the rivers they flow into. Rivers in the mainland Iberian Peninsula can be divided into those belonging to the Mediterranean watershed, those flowing into the Atlantic Ocean and those emptying into the Cantabrian sea (a marginal sea of the Atlantic off the northern coast of the Iberian peninsula).

River Basins in continental Spain.

Tributaries are listed down the page in an downstream direction. The main stem river of a catchment is labelled as ms, left-bank tributaries are indicated by l, right-bank tributaries by r. Where a named river derives from the confluence of two differently named rivers these are labelled as ls and rs for the left and right forks (the rivers on the left and right, relative to an observer facing downstream). The transboundary rivers partially running through Portugal or France and/or along the borders of Spain with those countries are labelled as int.

The list begins with the northernmost item of the Mediterranean watershed (close to the French border) and moves clockwise around the Iberian Peninsula.

Outside from the Iberian peninsula mainland, streams in the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are seasonal watercourses. The Santa Eulàlia river in Ibiza was traditionally considered as the single proper 'river' in the Balearic Islands, but it lost its constant flow by the late 20th-century.[1]

Mediterranean watershedEdit

Catalan basinsEdit

This includes the basins emptying in the Mediterranean Sea located in the coastline north from the Ebro. It has to be noted this leaves out the Garonne and the Ebro, both draining parts of Inner Catalonia, as well as small streams in Catalonia emptying in the Mediterranean south from the Ebro.

The Llobregat


The mouth of the Ebro in the Ebro Delta.
the River Aragón


This roughly includes the basins emptying in the Mediterranean Sea ranging from those emptying south from the Ebro to the intermittent seasonal watercourses characteristic of the areas near the border between Murcia and the Andalusian province of Almería.

The Júcar passing through Fortaleny.
The Segura close to Alcaraz.

Andalusian Mediterranean basinsEdit

Atlantic watershedEdit

This section features the rivers flowing into the Atlantic Ocean, ranging from the Punta de Tarifa (the meeting point of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic) to the Punta de Estaca de Bares (the conventional boundary between the Atlantic of the Cantabrian Sea, one of the former's marginal seas).

Gulf of CádizEdit

The Guadalquivir passing through Seville
The mouth of the Guadiana
The very acidic waters of the Tinto


The Tagus passing through Monfragüe.
The Jarama near Uceda.
The Gallo near Chera.



  • Lima/Limia (ms · int · 126 km of which 41 km run through Spain)[7]


The Minho passing through Ourense.

Rias Baixas and Rias AltasEdit

Cantabrian watershedEdit

This includes the rivers flowing into the Cantabrian Sea[9] (as well as in the case of the Garonne the wider Bay of Biscay) east of the Punta de Estaca de Bares. They are chiefly short streams streaming down the Cantabrian Mountains and the southern slopes of the Pyrenees.

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Informational notes
  1. ^ It empties in the Ría de Huelva [es], the same estuary as the Odiel · the Tinto and the Odiel are often considered part of the same river system.)
  2. ^ It empties in the Ría de Huelva [es], the same estuary as the Tinto · the Tinto and the Odiel are often considered part of the same river system.)
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  4. ^ Not to be confused with the equally named Mao, a first-order tributary of the Sil.
  5. ^ The Garonne is a river that flows into the Gironde estuary in the Atlantic Ocean. Running roughly 40 km through Spain along its upper course, it is the only river in Spain that drains North of the Pyrenees into the Atlantic.
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